Surrogacy in Mexico

Why choose surrogacy in Mexico?

There have been a lot of uncertainties about surrogacy in Mexico, but since 2021 it is once again to be able to carry out surrogacy programs. What has made the surrogacy program possible again? It has become possible by a judicial sentence of June 2021, where the Supreme Court ruled in favour of surrogacy and stablished that each state has to regulate it. It also ruled that the surrogate mothers can be compensated for some expenses, but cannot use their own eggs.

The programs include obtaining a court order that approves the terms of the agreement signed between the surrogate mother and the future parents. This court order stablishes that the name of the future parents will be written on the baby’s birth certificate, and guarantees that the childbirth will be a process without any problem from a legal perspective. This court order is requested at the beginning of the surrogacy program.

surrogacy in mexico - surrogacy mexico

Any baby born through a surrogate pregnancy in Mexico has Mexican citizenship automatically and therefore can opt for the Mexican passport, which allows them to return home with the baby and give them the option of getting the Spanish nationality once in Spain.

What are the main advantages? It’s something available for any kind person, LGBT community, singles, married or common-law partners. In addition, another advantage is the possibility of choosing donors, as both egg and semen donors can be known through pictures.

We work with a clinic with a great prestige in Mexico City, in the beautiful district of Polanco. It has high success rates in pregnancies from surrogacy in Mexico, and they do with dedication and exhaustiveness both fertility treatments and medical examinations of surrogate mother, and their monitoring once pregnancy is achieved.




✓ Consult with a doctor of the clinic at the first appointment
✓ Medical examination of the future parents
✓ Sperm vitrification
✓ Full medical examination of oocyte donor
✓ 1 FIV
✓ PGT-A of up to 8 embryos
✓ Freezing of supernumerary embryos for one year
✓ 1 embryo transfer
✓ Gender selection (of existing embryos)
✓ Medical insurance for the surrogate mother
✓ Monitoring and confirmation of pregnancy
✓ Childbirth
✓ Private room in the same maternity hospital (subject to availability)


✘ Flights
✘ Pre-implantation diagnostic tests (400 $ por embrion)
✘ Translations of documents and notary fees
✘ The costs of sending documents from other countries
✘ Legal costs from the countries of the intended parents in Spain
✘ Accomodation

Our plan for surrogacy in Mexico

  • Contact us

    To start the program, the patients only need to fill a questionnaire that allows the surrogacy agency in Mexico know your particular case. This way we can guide them in which is the best option for them. This can be done via Skype, Zoom, etc. with any of our companions.

  • Fertility analysis

    Once you have chosen the best option, the next step is to perform a semen analysis to know if it meets the minimum requirements to be able to perform the fertility treatment. Blood tests will also have to be carried out on both the egg donor and the sperm donor.

  • Signing the contract

    It’s the moment of signing the surrogacy agreements between intended parents and surrogate mother. There’s no need to travel to start the program.

  • Start the process

    After the arrival of the sperm in Mexico, the clinic will start the process. You will receive updates about the gestational surrogacy in Mexico based on the calendar stablished beforehand.

  • Transfer

    The next step of surrogacy in Mexico is the embryo creation. For that the donor will undergo an ovarian stimulation treatment. At the pack is included the medication, medical monitoring with ultrasounds, until the moment of ovarian puncture. Oocyte will be fertilised with the intended father’s semen or the donor semen depending on the case, and the resulting embryos will be cryo-preserved until the moment of the transfer to the surrogate mother.

  • Medical examination of the substitute mother

    Surrogate mother has to also undergo a strict medical and psychological control. Once considered capable for the surrogate pregnancy Mexico, it then begins the endometrial stimulation to make the embryo transfer. The programs include medication as well as medical monitoring to perform the embryo transfer. In the guarantee program there’s an unlimited number of transfers, but is always limited to the number of embryos that we have reached by de ovary donor process.

  • Monitoring of the pregnancy

    Once the surrogate mother has reached the pregnancy, that will be known by a blood test, we will schedule visits to the gynaecologist that will be every three weeks. Emphasizing on revisions of the 17 weeks, where it will be done a full analytic, as well as week 20 when I will be performed a morphological ultrasound of the baby and in week 25 it will be done an echocardiogram to the baby.

  • Presence of future parents during childbirth

    It’s recommended to arrive in Mexico a month before the scheduled date of childbirth. It will be carried out in a private hospital that has neonatal ICU. At the moment of the birth, the baby will be medically examined by a team of paediatricians.

  • Birth certificate and passport

    Once the baby is born, we will help you to get all the documentation to return to Spain.

Surrogacy in Mexico is regulated by law and guarantees the right of parents. Call us and we will inform you about it.

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