Odontologycal examinations and dental whitening

Turismo de salud - estética dental

This treatment is the perfect combination of holidays and health. With this pack you can choose your destination in Spain between Islas Canarias, Valencia, Costa del Sol or Murcia. All of the lodgings chosen for this pack are four or five star hotels.

This treatment can be done in just one day.

An orthopantomography by the odontologist and a cleaning by qualified hygienists will be performed during the visit at the clinic.

If you also want to do a dental whitening, you will need a second visit to the clinic, which will be when the dentist will do the treatment for whitening the teeth.

A final visit to the clinic must be done to check colors and adjustments of it.

If you are interested in spending the holidays of your dreams and, at the same time, taking advantage of it to check your teeth, ask for more information according to the chosen destination or the medical needs.



✓Pick up at the airport

✓2 nights at a hotel at the chosen destination

✓Check-up with the dentist and radiological tests

✓Dental hygiene

✓Dental whitening

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