Adoption of non-anonymous embryos

Adoption of embryos with a chosen donor

It is possible to adopt embryos by knowing its donors. This cannot be done in Spain, but it is allowed in countries like Ukraine, Cyprus or Mexico.



✓ Donor selection
✓ Embryos analyzed with PGD 5 and with the possibility of choosing the gender
✓ Review of medical tests and plan for the recipient’s treatment
✓ Ultrasounds in the foreign clinic
✓ Embryo transfer


✘ Flights, transport and hotel
✘ Medication for endometrial preparation

The In Vitro Fertilization procedure

  • Medical tests of the recipient mother

    First of all, the receiving mother must perform several medical tests to verify the state of her uterus and endometrium, confirming that there’s no fibroid polyps or any other alteration that stops the embryo implantation. At the same time, blood tests will be performed to see hormone levels that don’t stop the gestation.

  • Donor selection

    Once it is decided which country you want to travel to, the clinic will give you information on the donors of both eggs and semen of the embryos. Even in some countries you can see pictures of the donors. The recipient couple or recipient woman will choose the embryo that wants to be transplanted.

  • Endometrial preparation

    Once chosen the embryos, the recipient mother will have to prepare her endometrium. That preparation starts the day after her period starts. It’s a treatment that requires an ultrasound control to see the thickness of the endometrium.

  • Embryo transfer

    Once the optimal time has arrived, the embryo transfer will be performed, which is painless and doesn’t require any kind of anesthesia. In these cases, it won’t be necessary to stay more than two days at the destination.

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