turismo de salud en el extranjero - Inma Meco

MedtravelCo´s founder


I am Inma Meco, founder of Medtravelco. I have been accompanying patients since 2015, both national and international. During these years I have worked constantly to find the best doctors in different countries such as Ukraine, Mexico, Cyprus, Turkey or Poland and check first-hand the quality of their clinics, success rates and patient opinions with the aim of reducing our clients’ uncertainty about travelling to another destination for medical treatment.

I am happy to share everything I know with my clients so that they can travel with as much peace of mind as possible.

Community manager


My name is Sonia Bernat and my professional work has always been developed in the field of health, which now allows me to accompany patients in a patient and professional way, solving their doubts, and being their guide through the maze of clinics, doctors, and proposals.

In medicine the results are not exact, but what is certain is that at Medtravelco we will accompany you throughout the process


Our mission is to be able to inform with knowledge of all the possibilities of treatment abroad available to Spaniards so that the patient feels free to make the decision to travel abroad for medical treatment knowing the whole truth.


Sometimes we receive news of medical treatments that do not go well abroad, but this can also happen in Spain, so our vision is to gather all the information to pass it on to our clients with all the advantages and also the disadvantages, to let them know if there is insurance for medical complications or if the hospitals have quality certifications, so that the patient feels free to choose.


For us the main value is TRANSPARENCY with the sole objective of being able to inform:

  • Which clinic is the best for you.
  • What is the price of your treatment, what is included and what is not included.
  • How far we can accompany you so that you can freely make the decision to travel or not.

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