Egg donation with non-anonymous donors

Choose the egg donor

Egg donation is a technique of assisted reproduction in which the eggs are provided by a different woman than who is going to conceive, in Spain the egg donation is anonymous but in other countries you can choose the donor for you future kids, knowing their physical and psychological characteristics and even in some countries they provide you with a picture of the donor.



✓ Guarantee of a micro-injection of 5/6 mature oocytes
✓ PGT in 5 chromosomes (XX, XY, 13, 18, 21)
✓ Pre-treatment visit / Cycle scheduling
✓ Donor ovarian stimulation
✓ Recipient preparation
✓ Donor ovarian puncture
✓ Laboratory processes and techniques
✓ Embryo culture and selection with Time-Lapse
✓ Blastocyst embryo culture
✓ Embryo transfer
✓ Donor selection
✓ Economic compensation and medication of the donor


✘ Vitrification and maintenance of embryos
✘ Genetic compatibility study
✘ Medication for the recipient mother

The egg donation process

  • Obtención de los ovocitos

    The clinic abroad you have chosen will give you some donor profiles after you have sent the physical characteristics you want. Once selected the donor, both cycles are synchronized. The donor will be in who the ovarian stimulation will be performed by administering the hormones in charge of follicular development so that, when the follicles are ready, a follicular aspiration will be made to obtain the oocytes, which will be donated to the recipient mother to be inseminated with the sperm of their partner or a donor if it’s needed.

  • Reception preparation

    The recipient woman must have the endometrium ready to the moment of the embryo transfer, so that it will be monitored by ultrasounds and blood tests when necessary. Its development can be done in a natural cycle or by administering estrogens, in the so-called (HRT) Hormone Replacement Therapy. Performing it this or the other way will depend on the characteristics of each patient.

  • IVF/ICSI and embryo transfer

    Once the laboratory has the oocytes of the donor, they will inseminate with the sperm of the partner of the recipient of with the donor’s semen, which will have been previously prepared in the IVF laboratory. From that moment, it’s a process of IVF/ICSI like any other, so that the endometrium of the recipient is synchronized with the stage of development of the embryos, the embryo transfer will be performed at the right time (between 3rd and 6th day of embryo culture)

  • Embryo vitrification

    If at the moment of embryo transfer happened to be excess of viable embryos, meaning of good quality, they will be vitrified and stored frozen for later use by the couple. If she gets pregnant and vitrified embryos remain, it will be the possibility to give it a sibling with the same biological parents.

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