¿What is a dental implant?

The clinics whose we collaborate with in Spain have all quality standards and provide all of the treatments at very competitive prices. Dentists at Spain are specialized in the most complicated treatments.

At all of the clinics you can speak English, so you will able to give them a budget once they raise your case.

implante dental - mujer sonriente

The most successful treatments are implants because of their speed and their quality. Within a week you can leave with your final implant.

It’s important to point that the latest advances are also at dental cosmetic with treatments such as express whitening, which in one hour you can enjoy up to four tones lower than your actual color.

Digital Smile Design technology (DSD) is designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding patients, as it allows us to know beforehand the size, proportions and thickness of the ideal tooth for every patient according of their age, profile, type of smile and expectations. With a virtual simulation we can see at the moment the design of the patient’s mouth at just one appointment and improve both the planning of the esthetical treatment and the final result, which will help to achieve your desired smile.

We are sure that we will able to find the dental clinic that best suits your needs and with the peace of mind of having a budget before leaving your home. Contact us and tell us your case, we will be pleased to help you.



✓First visit to the dentist with an initial consultation to confirm the diagnosis, the orthopantomography and the digital scanner

✓Second visit to the dentist: implantology surgery with regeneration platelets for implant placement

✓Third visit to the dentist: Check-up and provisional placement of dental crown

✓Sixth day of final implant placement and testing

✓Seventh day adjustment of the final implant, orthopaedic control and delivery of the report


This treatment is the perfect combination of holidays and health. With this pack you can choose your destination at Spain between Madrid, Islas Canarias, Valencia, Costa del Sol or Murcia. Every lodge for this pack is four or five star hotels

The minimum stay is 7 days at Spain

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