Hair transplant abroad

Do you want to have a hair transplant abroad?

If you are looking for a hair implant treatment abroad, we can help you. There are many clinics and doctors doing it, but how to know if they are good or not, if what’s in their webpage is true or not… That’s why there are many patients that call us to help them choose the best option at Spain or abroad.

Hair transplants have become one of the most demanded esthetic procedures of the last years. Along with a smile, a good hair is one of the points in which people most notices. Hair implants have evolved a lot in the last years, which has led to create revolutionary techniques that have allowed thousands of people recover the hair on their head, eyebrows and beard. In Medtravelco we offer you an exclusive service of hair transplants in Turkey that will allow you to have the hair you have always wanted.



✓FUE hair transplant procedure with a maximum of 5000 grafts

✓Consultations and analysis of hair before and after hair transplant

✓Every blood test before procedure

✓PRP Treatment (Platelet rich plasma)

✓2 nights in a 4 stars hotel (wifi and breakfast included)

✓Transport from the airport, clinic and hotel (Flight not included)


✓Interpreter services

✓Medication (analgesics, antibiotics, edema reliever) cotton pillow and a hat.


✘ Flights



✓ FUE hair transplant procedure with a maximum of 5500 grafts

✓ Extraction with European punch from 0.6 to 0.9

✓ Opening of channels with scalpel of 3 sizes

✓ Local anesthesia

✓ Lunch and comfort place with TV to rest

✓ Stretcher XL (35cm thick) Max Confort

✓ Netflix/HBO during intervention

✓ Translator to English/German/French/Italian/Arab/Chinese

✓ 1 night at a hotel of 3 or 4 stars depending on availability and transport from the hotel to the clinic and return

✓ First cure at 24h

✓ Check-up and discharge before 10 days

✓ PRP Treatment (Platelet rich plasma) at 10 days check-up

✓ Medic consulting at 6 and 12 or 14 months

✓ 1 PRP session at 10-day check-up

✓ Medical consultation at 6 and 12 or 14 months


✘ Medication (analgesics, antibiotics, edema reliever)

How are hair transplant performed?

implante capilar - hombre preocupado por su pelo

The procedure of a hair transplant is performed by removing the follicle or hair with its respective root of the donor hair tissue and introducing it in the bare area. This procedure can be carried out both at the head, but also at the beard or eyebrows. In order for the grafts to penetrate the skin and settle underneath, millimetric cuts are made to put in the follicle.

This intervention is performed under local anesthesia so that the patient doesn’t feel pain in the area, just a slight pressure. Hair transplant can take a few hours to perform, so we make sure to perform the intervention in a comfortable environment where the patient can distract himself while doing the intervention. If you feel very nervous, you can choose a sedation always supervised by an anesthesiologist.

What advantages do hair implants offer me abroad?

In Medtravelco we are experts in travel organization for medical tourism and we have everything ready to turn this experience in a pleasant and comfortable trip. Our hair transplant experts have been carefully chosen to offer you always the best results. The hair transplant procedure will be performed in clinics that have last generation technology of hair transplant, experts with years of experience who have training in the latest hair implant techniques and that we have visited personally, as well as we have interviewed patients who have performed the treatment in those selected clinics.

Besides of having the latest technology of hair transplant, the clinic team has multilingual personnel to better comfort of the patient and Medtravelco guarantees a professional translator service with the professional who will perform your intervention to solve all your doubts before the intervention.

Hair transplant in Turkey is not only cheaper than in other countries, but also has multiple advantages related to its competitors. In Medtravelco we have everything ready to make you enjoy this experience which includes a customized analysis of your hair before and after surgery, FUE hair transplant of 5000 grafts maximum, 2 nights at a 4 stars hotel with breakfast, interpreter services, medication and treatment with platelet rich plasma for better results. The patient will just have to pay for the flights.

The treatments are performed in high-quality clinics with professionals who perform thousands of hair transplants every year, and that’s what allows them to achieve the best results. The experience our patients live is excellent, as they can enjoy the destination offered by a city like Istanbul, and also can be relaxed with the quality and the exclusive service we offer in Medtravelco.

implante capilar - hombre con la mano en el pelo

Types of hair implant procedures

Our hair implants abroad are performed with the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure, one of the newest and most revolutionary techniques on the market, which leaves no visible scars, which is especially important for facial grafts such as eyebrows or beards. To obtain these spectacular results, this technique has two major improvements. The first is the way the graft is extracted, through a hollow needle with a micromotor that allows for greater speed and precision. The second is the implantation, through tiny cuts that leave no scars and give a completely natural look to the hair.

implante capilar - hombre revisando su pelo

Our hair transplants abroad are performed with the FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction), it’s one of the newest and more revolutionary techniques on the market, which doesn’t leave visible scars, something important for hair grafts of the face such as eyebrows or beard. To obtain these spectacular results, this technique has two major improvements. First is the way of extracting the hair graft, through a hollow needle with a micromotor that allows it to be faster and more precise. Second is implantation, through little cuts that don’t leave scars and give the hair a totally natural appearance.

Along with this technique of hair grafts transplants we find its variation FUE GOLD, whose hollow needle is gold and provides a better precision when extracting the grafts and a greater speed at the healing process. In addition, the use of the FUE technique entails it the conservation of the graft by the Ice Graft method, which better preserves the hair tissues through the cold to make them arrive in the best state possible.

And what is PRP (platelet rich plasma)? This complementary procedure to implant hair abroad consists of introducing plasma with growth factors into the patient through microinjections in the area where the intervention has been performed. This treatment increases the production of collagen and improves tissue regeneration, as well as stopping natural hair loss. This procedure is included in the hair transplant pack in turkey and guarantees better results than those obtained without its use.

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