Fertiliy preservation

Ovarian preservation

Fertility preservation is an option that facilitates in an effective way the possibility of having descendants and is a usual technique in many assisted reproduction centers.

You see how time goes by and, although you desire to be a mother is still there, work obligations, not finding the right partner and many other reasons delay the moment of taking the step… That’s why the best option is to preserve your fertility and wait for the right moment to be a mother with eggs from when you were younger.

We have investigated for you. We contacted the best clinics and the best professionals.



✓ Pre-treatment visit / Cycle scheduling
✓ Pre-anesthesia visit
✓ Ovarian stimulation of the patient and controls
✓ Ovarian punction
✓ Processes and techniques of laboratory
✓ Oocytes vitrification (up to 3 containers)
✓ Includes oocytes maintenance for a year


✘ Maintenance from the first year
✘ Complementary tests
✘ Additional containers if needed

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