Surrogacy in Argentina

Why choose surrogacy in Argentina?

Surrogacy in Argentina has express legislation on how to register a new-born by surrogacy, being one of the fewest countries having those. Argentina is also a country of Latin America that has a great development of the fertility sector. Buenos Aires has some of the best fertility clinics in Latin America, and is also a safe and prosperous city. It has a tolerant environment for people of any sexual, religious or ethnic minority and offers a huge variety of cultural activities for parents at their first visit to the country.

Legal aspects about the program:

It is possible to carry out the program for the LGBT community, married or not heterosexual couples, and singles.

Argentine laws allow the signing of a Surrogacy in Argentina agreement. There’s a provision of 2017 which specifies that a child born by surrogacy can be registered under the name of the intended parents, this means that the names of the parents will be indicated at the new-born certificate after the delivery process, which lasts 20-30 days.

Within the framework of the proposed programs, every fertility treatment for gestational surrogacy will be performed in Argentina, including ovule donations, IVF, embryo transfer, birthing, etc.

surrogacy in argentina - surrogacy argentina

The laws of the State of Argentina don’t mention any restrictions about nationality, sexual orientation or marital status regarding the signing of the Surrogacy Agreement between an Argentine citizen and a foreigner. This means that it is allowed to do it.

The baby will have the right to obtain an Argentinian passport and leave the country with it.

When it comes to gestational surrogacy in Argentina, the surrogate mother has any right related to the baby(s) born for the planned Spanish parents. Before the embryo transfer, the surrogate mother signs a contract with the intentional parents where she declares that she has no will to procreate. According to this agreement, the planned parents will be the legal parents of the baby. A birth certificate will be issued with the names of the planned parents on it.

According to the laws of the State of Argentina, the surrogate mother will be NOT registered as the mother of the new-born at the birth certificate.

Legal support for surrogacy in Argentina is included in Medtravelco packs.



✓ IVF with donor ovules

✓ Unlimited attempts until the baby is born

✓ Number of embryo transfers from the IVF

✓ Compensation of the donor and the surrogate mother

✓ Medical expenses of the surrogate mother including complications

✓ Life and loss of organs insurance of the surrogate mother

✓ Signing of the agreement with the surrogate mother in the presence of a notary

✓ Restart of the program in case of miscarriage

✓ Compensation to the surrogate mother in case of miscarriage

✓ Medical insurance of the new-born (incubator and complications)

✓ Lodging on the first visit (Up to 4 nights)

✓ Meals during every trip

✓ Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT*)

✓ Compensation for the surrogate mother in case of caesarean section

✓ Heel prick test for the new-born

✓ Paediatrician services after discharge

✓ Birth in a private hospital

✓ Travel assistance insurance in every visit

✓ Legal services and necessary documents from Argentina

✓ Paperwork process to obtain the Argentine passport for the baby

✓ Counsel and coordination during the whole process

✓ Legal services and necessary documents from Argentina

✓ Procedures for obtaining the baby’s Argentine passport.

✓ Advice and coordination during the whole process.


✘ Flights

✘ Pre-implantation diagnostic test

✘ Translations of documents and notarial costs

✘ The costs of sending documentation form other countries

✘ The legal costs of the countries of the intended parents in Spain

Our plan for surrogacy in Argentina

We work with a prestigious surrogacy agency in Argentina. The doctor whom we collaborate with was the first to bring the IVF procedure to the Latin American country. He put it into practice on 1985 for the first time, giving rise to the birth of the first babies arriving the world by surrogacy in Argentina. In 2018, he was rewarded with special honours by the government of Buenos Aires city. Previously, he received the Honorary Title of Specialist in Human Reproduction by the Argentinian Society of Reproductive Medicine. He is also an Honorary Member of the Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction and the Chilean Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Since 2016 he combines his work as Medical Director of the fertility clinic he founded, with his function as Coordinator of the National Program of Medically Assisted Reproduction. The IVF clinic is attached to the Medicine Faculty of Buenos Aires and its medical team regularly publishes research papers in prestigious scientific magazines.

Both ovular donation and sperm donation are anonymous in Argentina, so we don’t have a database where the parents can see pictures of the potential candidates for the surrogate pregnancy in Argentina.

  • Contact us

    To start the program, patients only need to fill a questionnaire which will allow us to know their particular case. That way we can guide them in which is the best option for them. We can do this via Skype, Zoom… With any of our teammates.

  • Fertility analysis

    Once you have chosen the best option, the next step is to make a semen analysis to see if it meets the minimum requirements to be able to do the fertility treatment. In this case you have two options: Travel to Argentina or analyse and send your sample from Spain. For this we have a laboratory which reunites every international condition to be able to do it. Semen analysis and analysis of the egg donor are included in the price, as well as the freezing and storage of semen in the Argentinian clinic.

  • Signing the agreement

    It’s time to sign for the agreement of surrogacy in Argentina between international parents and surrogate mother. There’s no need to travel to the start of the program. You can go to the embassy/consulate of Argentina in Spain and sign the contracts.

  • Start the process

    After the arrival of the sperm in Argentina or leaving the sample at a clinic in Buenos Aires, our team will begin the process. You will receive updates about the surrogate pregnancy Argentina based on the calendar planned beforehand and, of course, you will be able to communicate with the surrogate mother together with our coordinator.

  • Creation of embryos

    The next step is the creation of embryos. To do this, the donor will go through a treatment for ovarian stimulation. Medication is included in this pack, as well as medical monitoring with ultrasound until the moment of ovarian puncture. The oocytes will be fertilised with the semen of the planned father or with the semen of a donor father, as the case may be. The resulting embryos will be cryopreserved until the moment of transfer them to the surrogate mother.

  • Medical examination of the substitute mother

    The surrogate mother must go through a strict medical and psychological control too. Once she is considered capable for gestational surrogacy Argentina, the endometrial stimulation starts to transfer the embryo. The program includes medication as well as medical monitoring for the embryo transfer. In the guarantee program there’s an unlimited number of transfers, but is always limited to the number of embryos we have obtained from the process with de ovarian donor.

  • Pregnancy tracking

    Once the surrogate mother gets pregnant, which will be revealed by a blood test through the surrogacy agency Argentina, we will schedule visits to the gynaecologist very 3 weeks. Specially emphasizing on check-ups every 17 weeks, where a complete analysis will be done, as well as a morphological ultrasound of the baby in week 20. In week 25 we will perform an echocardiogram on the baby.

  • Presence of the future parents during childbirth

    It’s recommended to arrive in Argentina one month before the expected date of the birth. It will be done in a private hospital that has a neonatal ICU. At the moment of birth, an examination to the baby will be performed by a paediatrician team.

  • Birth certificate and passport

    Once the baby is born, we help you get all the paperwork of the surrogacy in Argentina to return to Spain.

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