Surrogacy in Argentina

Why choose surrogacy in Argentina?

Surrogacy in Argentina has express legislation on how to register a new-born by surrogacy, being one of the fewest countries having those. Argentina is also a country of Latin America that has a great development of the fertility sector. Buenos Aires has some of the best fertility clinics in Latin America, and is also a safe and prosperous city. It has a tolerant environment for people of any sexual, religious or ethnic minority and offers a huge variety of cultural activities for parents at their first visit to the country.

Legal aspects about the program:

It is possible to carry out the program for the LGBT community, married or not heterosexual couples, and singles.

Argentine laws allow the signing of a Surrogacy in Argentina agreement. There’s a provision of 2017 which specifies that a child born by surrogacy can be registered under the name of the intended parents, this means that the names of the parents will be indicated at the new-born certificate after the delivery process, which lasts 20-30 days.

Within the framework of the proposed programs, every fertility treatment for gestational surrogacy will be performed in Argentina, including ovule donations, IVF, embryo transfer, birthing, etc.

surrogacy in argentina - surrogacy argentina

The laws of the State of Argentina don’t mention any restrictions about nationality, sexual orientation or marital status regarding the signing of the Surrogacy Agreement between an Argentine citizen and a foreigner. This means that it is allowed to do it.

The baby will have the right to obtain an Argentinian passport and leave the country with it.

When it comes to gestational surrogacy in Argentina, the surrogate mother has any right related to the baby(s) born for the planned Spanish parents. Before the embryo transfer, the surrogate mother signs a contract with the intentional parents where she declares that she has no will to procreate. According to this agreement, the planned parents will be the legal parents of the baby. A birth certificate will be issued with the names of the planned parents on it.

According to the laws of the State of Argentina, the surrogate mother will be NOT registered as the mother of the new-born at the birth certificate.

Legal support for surrogacy in Argentina is included in Medtravelco packs.



✓ An IVF with sperm from the intended father
✓ A transfer of the embryos obtained from IVF
✓ Selection of the donor and being able to see the photos and her personal characteristics
✓ Genetic testing of the egg donor and the intended father if deemed necessary by the doctor.
✓ Cryopreservation of the sperm for one year after freezing.
✓ Freezing of supernumerary embryos for one year
✓ PGT-A of up to 4 embryos
✓ Psychological and physical evaluation of the pregnant woman
✓ Donor and gestational carrier compensation
✓ Signing of the contract with the gestational carrier before a notary public
✓ Compensation to the pregnant woman in the event of miscarriage
✓ Medical insurance of the baby (incubator and complications)
✓ Compensation to the pregnant woman in the event of caesarean section
✓ Extended heel prick for baby
✓ Delivery of the baby in private hospital
✓ Legal services and necessary documents from Argentina
✓ Procedures for obtaining the baby’s Argentinean passport
✓ Advice and coordination during the whole process


✘ Flights
✘ Translations of documents and notarial costs
✘ The costs of sending documents from other countries
✘ Legal costs from the countries of the intended parents in Spain



✓ 3 IVF/ICSI cycles including evaluation and testing of an egg donor approved by the medical team, ovarian stimulation including medication, monitoring, puncture, embryo culture
✓ Genetic testing of the donor
✓ Cryopreservation and storage of semen
✓ Storage of frozen embryos for up to one year
✓ Embryo biopsy and PGT-A for up to 8 embryos
✓ Unlimited embryo transfers
✓ Psychological and medical evaluation of the pregnant woman
✓ Zoom call/face-to-face meeting to meet the candidate
✓ Compensation of the surrogate mother
✓ Change of the pregnant woman in the case of medical prescription
✓ Pregnant woman’s health insurance policy
✓ Psychological support to the CG before, during and after pregnancy
✓ Monitoring of the pregnant woman during pregnancy
✓ Medicines/vitamins/extra care for the pregnant woman ✓ Transfer expenses for the pregnant woman
✓ Travel costs for the pregnant woman if she is not a resident of Buenos Aires
✓ Costs related to childbirth
✓ Hospital room for the expectant mother
✓ Translator/support during the stay in hospital
✓ Neonatologist/paediatrician consultation during hospital stay
✓ Transfer from/to the airport in Buenos Aires
✓ Personal guide who will attend your appointments and act as translator/support during your first trip
✓ SIM cards with credit
✓ Personal guide who will attend your appointments and act as a translator/support during your second trip.
✓ Baby equipment hire
✓ Vaccines for newborns
✓ Legal support throughout your programme
✓ Assistance in signing all necessary documents for the programme.
✓ Digital notary for signing POA and informed consent forms (in case of sent programmes).
✓ Independent legal advice for the CG before, during and after the programme (Irish processes).
✓ Assistance in obtaining the birth certificate of the newborn child


✘ Flights
✘ Translations of documents and notarial costs
✘ The costs of sending documents from other countries
✘ Legal costs from the countries of the intended parents in Spain

Our plan for surrogacy in Argentina

We work with one of the best clinics in the city of Buenos Aires, with more than 100 employees who ensure that the patient experience is completely satisfactory and have above average success rates.

The clinic belongs to a group of international clinics, which gives it very high quality standards, as well as a technology that together with the professionals helps them to achieve the dream of many people, that of becoming parents. The clinic provides us with a wide variety of donors of both eggs and sperm, and we provide a link where you can access to see the photo of the donors.

If you already have embryos created in a foreign clinic, please let us know and we will tell you how we can transfer the embryos.

We strive to offer our clients the best results. However, we cannot guarantee a pregnancy or a live birth.

  • Contact us

    We like to get to know you, so we always have a video call so that you can tell us about your particular case and we can offer you the best alternative. In that meeting we can discuss the different programmes we have and after the meeting we will send them to you so that you have all the information you need. On the other hand, we will tell you about the medical tests you need to undergo in each particular case.

  • Fertility analysis

    After carrying out the medical tests, we will send them to the medical team so that they can make the appropriate assessment. If you already have frozen embryos in a clinic abroad, we will take care of the arrangements to transfer the gametes to Argentina.

  • Signing the agreement

    Once you have chosen the programme that best suits you, we will send you the contract with the agency in Argentina for you to sign. It is not necessary to travel to Argentina.

  • The process starts

    Once the contract is signed we start preparing the first trip to leave the sperm sample, it is recommended to be in Buenos Aires for a week, in order to leave two sperm samples. We take care of arranging all the appointments with the clinic and on your trip you will have a personal assistant to help you make your stay a great one.

  • Creation of embryos

    Once the donor has been chosen from the bank of donors offered by the clinic, it is time to begin with the ovarian stimulation of the donor in order to fertilise it either with your sperm or with that of a donor, and thus be able to create embryos. Once the embryos have reached day 5 of evolution, they will be biopsied and frozen.

  • Medical examination of the substitute mother

    The time comes to select the pregnant woman, for which we have women who voluntarily come to the agency to help others to become parents. Once she has passed all the medical and psychological checks, it is time to start the embryo transfer process.

  • Embryo transfer

    Once the pregnant woman is considered fit to start a pregnancy, endometrial stimulation begins in order to carry out the embryo transfer. The programme includes medication, as well as medical follow-up to carry out the embryo transfer. In the guarantee programme there is an unlimited number of transfers, but it is always limited to the number of embryos that we have obtained from the process with the egg donor. The sex of the embryo can be chosen as long as there are healthy embryos of the desired sex.

  • Pregnancy tracking

    Once the pregnant mother becomes pregnant, which will be determined by a blood test, visits to the gynaecologist will be scheduled every three weeks. Special emphasis will be placed on the 17-week check-ups, where a complete blood test will be carried out, as well as in the 20th week when a morphological ultrasound scan of the baby will be carried out and in the 25th week when an echocardiogram of the baby will be carried out. In addition to the medical follow-up, psychological support is available throughout the pregnancy.

  • Presence of the future parents during childbirth

    It’s recommended to arrive in Argentina one month before the expected date of the birth. It will be done in a private hospital that has a neonatal ICU. At the moment of birth, an examination to the baby will be performed by a paediatrician team.

  • Birth certificate and passport

    Once the baby is born, we help you get all the paperwork of the surrogacy in Argentina to return to Spain.

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