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This Legal Notice regulates the use of the Internet Portal or Website that HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L places at the disposal of Users through the various domain names owned by her.

This web page and the domain are the property of  HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L , with address at Gran Vía de Fernando El Católico, 9, pta 13, 46008, Valencia, holder of CIF [Company Identity Fiscal] B-98826514.

For further information you can also contact us by calling +34 639491232 or writing to our email address, .

Browsing of the Website to which access is provided through the various MEDTRAVELCO domains (hereinafter, the Website) and any of the pages that can be accessed from it, shall imply that the User has of necessity read, understood and accepted the “Privacy Policy” and the “Legal Notice” for this Website. If not in agreement with the terms and conditions detailed in those legal texts, the User must refrain from using this Website.

Products and Services

Through this Website HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L places at the disposal of Users free information on the products and services provided by the Company, as well as the possibility of acquiring the products or contracting the services offered.

In all cases, the contracting of products and services from HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L is to be governed by the General and Particular Contracting Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Through this Website, HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L places at the disposal of Users free information on the products and services offered by the site owner. All designs, software, makes, names, images, logos, graphics, icons, applications and all other audio-visual and sound multimedia content as well as their graphic design and web site source code are the property of HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L, or otherwise HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L holds a licence for their use, thus enjoying the corresponding protection provided by applicable regulations on industrial and intellectual property. In no case will access to the Website imply the ceding by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L of such rights to the Users.

Website Users are only authorised to make private use of the website and its content. In no case shall they be able to make commercial use of them, or alter them in any way, reproduce them in a manner other than for private use, transform them, distribute them or communicate them publicly. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to use the Website contents for any purpose or in any manner different from that allowed by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L in this “Legal Notice”. The contents, texts, photographs, logotypes, designs, images, software, sounds, multimedia content and in general any intellectual content existing on this website, as well as the Site itself as a whole as a multimedia work of art, has been duly registered, and as a consequence are protected as copyright by legislation on the matter of intellectual property.

It is therefore not allowed to suppress, evade or manipulate the copyright notice and any other data identifying the rights of INMACULADA MECO ESTEBAN or their holders incorporated to the contents and multimedia content, as well as the technical anti-copying, protection and fingerprint data devices or any information and/or identification mechanisms that might be included in the contents.

The makes, trade names, distinctive signs and inventions that appear on this Website are the property of HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L or third parties, and it cannot be understood that access to the Portal grants any licence or other right to said makes, trade names and/or distinctive signs.

Should Users wish to make use of the makes, names, logos or any other distinctive sign available on the Website of HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L, they may apply for the necessary authorisation, contacting the webmaster [] using the means of contact indicated in this “Legal Notice,” and if it is considered advisable, the webmaster shall grant the corresponding authorisation in writing.

Users of this Website undertake to comply with the mentioned rights and avoid any action that might harm them. Any copy or unauthorised use of the design or contents of the Website differing from that expressly allowed by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L in her capacity as owner of the industrial and intellectual property rights to it shall affect her rights, and consequently shall entitle her to take such measures, whether in civil or criminal court, to protect her legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.

Website Access

Access to the Website is free and unrestricted, except for the cost of the connection using the telecommunications network provided by the access provider contracted by the Users.

Nevertheless, the contracting of some of the services offered by this web page may be either currently or in future conditional on the payment of a price, in which case this circumstance will be appropriately indicated.

Access to certain services on the web page are subject to registration by the User by means of the filling in of the corresponding form. In these cases, Users undertake to keep custody of the access keys (user name and password), as they are for the exclusive use of the User in whose name they are registered, and their custody and proper use are the User’s exclusive responsibility. Personal data facilitated by the User through the website will be processed and added to a file for which HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L will be responsible pursuant to the terms of the Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection, the data of whom have been detailed in the first point of this Legal Notice.

Unless otherwise indicated, the forms found on the travel page for the collection of user data will obtain and process personal data for the purposes of handling any User consultations made to HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L, controlling user compliance with the terms of use of the web page, and fulfilling each and every one of our legal obligations.

Mandatory data requested from Users will be marked with an (*), and if users do not provide the data marked as mandatory, the form in question will not be processed.

All information provided by the User on Website forms for the purposes indicated above or for any other purposes must be truthful. To these ends, the user shall guarantee the authenticity of all the data informed, and shall keep the information provided to HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L perfectly updated so that at all times it reflects the true situation of the User. The User shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements it may make, and any harm caused toHEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L or third parties by the information provided by it.

Should the User wish to exercise any of the access, correction, cancellation and objection rights in relation to the treatment of the personal data for which HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L is responsible, it should do so in writing to email address or to the registered address indicated in the first point of this legal notice, indicating in the heading “Personal Data Protection.”

Users should carefully read this Legal Notice whenever intending to make use of the web page and whenever use of the web page implies its acceptance. By doing so they will be able to determine if any change of interest to them has been made to the Notice.

Personal Data

Users freely and willingly registering as Users or informing HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L of their personal data using the procedures established in this Website expressly authorise HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L to handle the data in the manner described in the “Privacy Policy” / privacidad.html/ on this website, always in compliance with legislation in force at each moment on the matter of personal data protection and Information Society services.

Any User may at any time exercise the access, correction and cancellation rights in relation to its personal data that applicable regulations grant it through the procedure established for the purpose in the “Privacy Policy.”


The Website may place at the disposal of Users hyperlinks or technical link devices that enable access to other websites belonging to and/or administered by third parties.

HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L assumes no responsibility derived from the contents that third parties may have included in their hyperlinks to which the websites refer. The establishment of a hyperlink in no case implies the existence of relations between HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L and the owner of the web page where the hyperlink is established, nor acceptance or approval by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L of its contents or services offered or placed at the disposal of the public.

The inclusion of links or hyperlinks to any of the Websites of INMACULADA MECO ESTEBAN without due authorisation is forbidden. Such links shall connect exclusively to the “home page” or principal page of the website, but may not reproduce them in any manner (inline links, copy of text, graphics, etc.).

Pursuant to applicable legislation in force at each moment, it is furthermore forbidden to establish frames of any type surrounding the websites enabling visualisation of their contents from Internet addresses other than those authorised by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L.

Whenever websites owned by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L or their content are visualised at the same time as the contents of other sites, it is forbidden to use them in such a way that they:

  • Cause or could induce error, confusion or deception among Users or third parties regarding the identity of HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L and the true origin of the contents of her websites, as well as on the business origin of the products and services offered by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L.
  • Are likely to create a risk of confusion and/or association among Users or third parties regarding the trademarks registered by HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L or other industrial and intellectual property rights.
  • Represent or could represent use of the reputation and prestige of HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L, her brands or any other of her industrial and intellectual property rights by Users or third parties.

Cookies Policy

At MEDTRAVELCO we use cookies to provide a better service and offer you an improved browsing performance. We would like to inform you clearly and accurately about the cookies we use, and explain below what a cookie is, what they are used for, the type of cookies we use, what their purposes is and how you can configure or disable them if you want.

What is a cookie, and what is its purpose?

A cookie is a small file stored in the user’s computer, tablet, smartphone or any similar devices, with information on browsing.

Together, the cookies of all our users help us to improve the quality of our website, enabling us to determine which pages are of use, which are not, and which are susceptible to improvement.

Cookies are essential for the working of the Internet, generating innumerable benefits for the providing of interactive services, facilitating your browsing and the usability of our website.

Cookies can never harm your equipment. On the contrary, if they are active they help us to identify and resolve errors.

What types of cookies do we use?

Cookies defined by the entity that administers them:

  • Our own cookies: Those that are sent to your equipment from our own equipment or domains from which we provide the service you are requesting from us.
  • Third party cookies: Those sent to your equipment from an equipment or domain not managed by us, but by another collaborating entity, such as those used by social networks or external content such as Google Maps.

Cookies defined by the time they remain activated:

  • Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that stay in your browser’s cookie file until you close the web page, so they do not remain recorded on your computer’s hard drive. The information obtained by these cookies serves to analyse web traffic behaviour. This enables us to provide an improved performance by improving content and facilitating use.
  • Persistent cookies: These are stored on the hard disk and our website reads them each time you visit the site. A permanent cookie has a fixed expiry date, after which the cookie will cease to function. We generally use these cookies to facilitate purchase and registration services.

Cookies defined according to their purpose:

  • Technical cookies: These cookies are necessary for browsing and the proper operation of our website. For example, they allow us to control traffic and data communication, access restricted access areas, carry out the order purchase process, use security elements, store content to be able to show videos or share content on social networks.
  • Personalised cookies: These cookies allow you to access the service with certain pre-defined characteristics based on a series of criteria, such as for example language, the type of browser used to access the service, the regional configuration from which the service is being accessed, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: These cookies allow us to quantify the number of users and thus make the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the services provided. Your browsing on our web page is analysed so we can improve our product and service offering.
  • Advertising cookies: These enable the most effective administration of the advertising spaces that are included on our web page.
  • Tracking cookies: These cookies store information on the behaviour of users obtained from continuous observation. Thanks to them we can determine Internet browsing habits and show you advertising related to your browsing profile.

Purpose of each of the cookies used:

We detail below the cookies used by our website and their purpose.

List of cookies used by domain


List of third party service providers of cookies used by domain


NOTE: This list is updated as soon as possible whenever the services offered by the website are changed. Nevertheless, occasionally during this update it may be that the list no longer includes a cookie, although reference will always be made to cookies for identical purposes to those recorded on this list.

How to configure or disable your cookies:

You can enable, block or eliminate cookies installed on your equipment by configuring the options on your Internet browser. If you do not allow cookies to be installed on your browser it is possible that you might not be able to gain access to some of the services, and your experience using our website may be less satisfactory.

The following links provide all the information to be able to configure or delete your cookies on each browser:

Google Chrome

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Internet Explorer


Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad)

Chrome for Android


At MEDTRAVELCO we never retain the personal details of our users, except for the IP address as indicated previously, unless you wish to register voluntarily to be able to make purchases of the products and services we place at your disposal, or to receive information on promotions and contents of interest to you.

By browsing and remaining in our website you are indicating to us that you are consenting to the use of the cookies we have described in the terms detailed in this Cookies Policy.

Updates and changes to Website information

HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L does not warrant that the contents of her Website will be fully updated, accurate and/or available at all times, although everything possible will be done for it to be so. Although HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L wishes to provide the Website Users with a continuous service, it is possible that it may be interrupted for various reasons. In such an event, HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L will attempt to minimise the consequences of such an interruption so that its website Users are affected as little as possible, as long as this is feasible, assuming no responsibility for any damages that may be caused to the User from interruption of the website access service.

HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L reserves the right to make changes, eliminations or updates to the information contained on the website without the need to give prior notice.

Governing law and jurisdiction.

The “Privacy Policy” and the “Legal Notice” for this Website, as well as the rest of its content, have been prepared observing applicable legislation at all times, and in particular, Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection and Spanish Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services  and E-commerce, and equivalent legislation in those countries in which HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L owns any territorial domain name, as well as the subsequent measures adopted for their implementation and all remaining applicable regulations, and they may be modified and revised at any moment with the aim of adapting to any change in current legislation. In that case, the new content shall take effect as from the moment the modification is published on the website and is accessible to its Users.

The use of the Website, including access by Users and its browsing, is free, but implies the express acceptance and compliance with the “Privacy Policy” and the “Legal Notice” for this Website and applicable legislation.

Furthermore, certain uses of the Website imply the necessary acceptance of the contractual conditions regulating such use.

Any dispute or conflict arising as a consequence of the use of this Website shall be resolved according to legislation in force in Spain, being submitted to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the Domicile of the User, when in Spain, or the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia, when outside Spain.


By becoming a registered User of MEDTRAVELCO, Users expressly declare to be aware of these legal conditions, undertake to observe them, and fully assume the contractual and extra-contractual responsibility that might be generated by failure to comply with them, both in relation to HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L any third parties harmed by such failure to comply.

Registered Users declare to expressly know and accept that:

  • Content provided to the web page is their exclusive responsibility, and therefore they shall be liable for it to HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L and third parties.
  • HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L carries out no editorial control of the contents submitted by users, acting as a mere intermediary between Users, and consequently lacks responsibility for such contents, beyond that expressly attributable by law because of her condition as the provider of network content hosting.
  • Should the contents submitted by Users represent conduct contrary to Law, public order or general principles of the current legal system, the foregoing shall not prevent those responsible for the Website from notifying such conduct to the competent authorities as soon as they become aware of it, as well as taking such legal action available to them under the law against the User acting in such a manner, the User being directly responsible for the demands that may be filed by third parties damaged by the contents facilitated by its Users. Furthermore, HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L shall be able to remove from the Website content that constitutes such conduct at the request of the third parties that have been harmed or the competent authorities.
  • The User shall be directly responsible for the claims that may be brought against HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L by third parties harmed by the content facilitated by the Users.

In particular, the User agrees not to use the themed forums or any other medium enabling the sending of opinions and comments to:

  • Defame, malign or harass HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L or any of the other users or third parties, or infringe in any manner any other kind of right.
  • Send files containing viruses or programs with similar characteristics that might affect the operation of the computers, their software or the data, whether of the Website or of the remaining users.
  • Advertise, promote or offer for sale any type of goods or services, hold surveys or competitions, obtain personal details, or send messages requesting the forwarding of chain letters.

HEALTHY AND MEDICAL TRAVEL S.L reserves the right to refuse, restrict or exclude at her sole discretion access by any User to this Website or any of its parts without prior notice if the above contractual conditions are not complied with.