Breast augmentation

What is a breast augmentation?

turismo de salud - aumento de pecho

There are many reasons on why a woman has small breast, it may be because of the atrophy produced after several pregnancies, because of the extreme thinness, because of the lower development of the mammary gland… But his causes in so many occasions complexes to the women who suffer them.

Prothesis that our surgeons use has always the CE label (of the European Economical community) and the FDA label, which is the agency of the United States in charge of regulating the medical aspects, medication, cosmetics…) which provides us a greater quality guarantee for the patients. The prothesis can be made of hydrogel, saline solution and silicone cohesive gel, and depending on each case it will be used one or another.

It also will depend of each case how it will be made the incision, being able to perform around the areola, in the inframammary fold or at axillary level.

The interventions usually last one hour and he patient, after one hospitalization night, can go back home or hotel just with an adjusted sportive brassiere which will have to wear for a few days and must rest and avoid efforts during 48-72 hours at least. Patients usually return to their normal life by 5 days, and from the first month they can already do physical exercise.



✓ Medical pre-operatory tests in Turkey
✓ Medial team and hospital with a quality certificate
✓ 2 nights of hospitalization
✓ Breast prothesis
✓ 6 nights in a four stars hotel
✓ Transport from the airport and from the hotel to the hospital
✓ Spanish assistance during your stay there
✓ Medical complications insurance, included Spanish assistance


✘ Flights to Turkey
✘ Sports bra or breast bands

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