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urología - infección urinaria

We are working with one of the best teams in this specialty of the nation, as they are the best doctors according to the prestigious website top doctors.

Dr. Pedro Sanchez de la Muela has a professional team with a large experience in addressing all urological and renal pathologies, with a customized approach and a dynamic that allows shortening times between diagnosis and discharge. For that, the unit is equipped with the most advanced technology and diagnosis methods of high efficiency such as the introduction of the MRNA Imaging Fusion Technique and the high precision transrectal ultrasounds for the performance of a prostatic biopsy eco-directed. This means an important progress at prostatic cancer diagnosis as it allows to locate potentially aggressive lesions more precisely and efficiently. With this technique, the amount of unnecessary prostatic biopsies is reduced, the efficiency of the biopsy diagnosis is improved and this allows us to know the scale of local extension of the tumor and as well as its multifocality.

This improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of the prostatic biopsy reduces the number of unnecessary biopsies, allows us to improve the surgical indications and opens the way for the focal cancer therapy, a highly selective and minimally invasive treatment in located prostatic cancer, with excellent results in selected cases and with minimal side effects regarding urinary continence and sexual potency.

The urodynamic studies are very important in this specialty as they allow us to asses he functioning of the lower urinary tract, during the storage of urine and during bladder evacuation. This is recommended for:

  • Study of neurogenic bladder (myelodysplasia, medullar trauma, brain damage, etc.)
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections in which anatomic causes are discarded
  • Urinary incontinency in women and men
  • Urinary incontinency studies in children and nocturnal enuresis
  • Urinary tract infections in children if suspect of functional cause

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