Surrogacy in the U.S.

Surrogacy in the U.S.

Surrogacy in the U.S. has become the best option for those men and women who wish to be parents but don’t want to opt for the traditional adoption method. Since surrogacy is very restricted or prohibited in our country and many others in the European Union, more and more people are opting for surrogacy in the U.S. We like to emphasize the “people” because to opt for this solution to have a family it’s no necessary to have a partner. In fact, in the U.S, both men and women can opt for this method, with or without a partner and regardless of their sexual orientation. This is de ideal solution for those who want to create a family but aren’t in a position to conceive for themselves.

surrogacy in the us - surrogate pregnancy in the us

Unlike other countries that have more restrictive laws about surrogacy, in the U.S. there are laws that protect future parents and makes easier a quick return home with the baby, who is provided with the American nationality and a passport which he can return home to his parents. Differently from other countries, parents sign their paternity on an official document before a notary, which guarantees their rights over the baby.

If you want to stat to create a family and you aren’t in a position of conceiving a baby due to the circumstances, surrogacy in the U.S. is a safe and comfortable alternative to start your family. Our agency can manage for you all the paperwork and the process from the beginning, putting you in contact with the clinics and carrying out a strict monitoring of the pregnancy with professionals who will supervise the health of the surrogate mother and the baby.



✓ Research fees for both the future parents and the surrogate mother
✓ Legal costs of the surrogate mother
✓ Base compensation of the surrogate mother
✓ Medication and transfer of 1 embryo to the surrogate mother
✓ Medical insurance of the surrogate mother up to 15 months
✓ Life insurance of the surrogate mother
✓ Additional services of the surrogate mother such as clothes, house-cleaning and support team
✓ Legal services in Spain


✘ Fees of the fertility clinic for the creation of embryos (In the U.S. from 36.000€)

✘ Legal fees in the U.S. for the future parents (Approx. $11.000)

✘ Medical insurance for the baby

✘ Travel expenses to the U.S. (Transport, accommodation, translations

Our plan for surrogacy in the U.S.

Medtravelco, our surrogacy agency in the U.S. has prepared for you a surrogacy program in for you to be able to create the family you have always wanted with facilities and a customised plan that will allow you to have the resources and the necessary help to carry out the process in a controlled way. Our prices include the surrogacy of an American woman in Mexico. The procedure includes fertilization of the donor and every legal procedure to guarantee the rights of the parents in California and in the state of the surrogate mother. This program includes legal assistance in obtaining the birth certificate and surrogacy agreement.

  • Once you contact us, we schedule a videocall with our collaborators from the U.S.

    Once you contact us and we solve the first consults, we will give you several options of hours and days to have a videocall with our collaborating agency in the U.S. In this meeting we will discuss the steps to surrogacy U.S., our services, recommendations for attorneys or clinics, if necessary, fees and any question you may have. According to circumstances, this meeting can be made in person, via Skype or by phone, always adapted to your convenience.

  • Finding a substitute mother

    Once you have decided, the second step is to decide which surrogate mother you feel more comfortable with. We will send you some options that we think they adapt best to your preferences. If you don’t see anyone who you like, we will send you more or we will wait until we have another substitute that best suits what you are looking for. If you like the profile of a substitute we have sent you, please let us know within 24 hours after we have sent you the profile.

    Once sent a profile, we will keep that mother for you for 24 hours in order to accomplish the desired surrogate pregnancy U.S. If we don’t have any new from you, we will assume that you’re not interested and so she will be available for other IP addresses. Once you are interested in the profile of a surrogate mother, we will contact her and we will share her your profile. If she’s interested in your profile, we will schedule a Skype or in person meeting so you can get to know her.

  • Interview with the surrogate mother

    The third step of surrogacy in the U.S. is to meet the surrogate mother in person or via Skype. Both of you can ask questions to make clear the idea of how the other feels about the process and to get to know each other better. Once you have met (via Skype or in person) and have decided that you would like to pair up with that surrogate mother, we will need you to send us an email confirming that you would like to pair up with her and we will ask her to do the same. If both of you agree we will consider it paired up.

  • Set up a deposit account as a guarantee for the entire process

    Once you have been paired up with a substitute, you will need to establish a client account through you attorney or an escrow account in the U.S. We can suggest an escrow company for the deposit of guarantee which we work with frequently or talk to your attorney about withholding your funds. This escrow account/client account will be used to cover the initial fee which is $2.600, as well as compensations of the gestational surrogacy in the U.S. and any other expenses.

    The reason why the future parents should establish an escrow/customer account in his country is because it is faster and economical to distribute the expenses, rather than paying the expenses by converting and transferring currency each time. A priority of the agency is to simplify this process for both parts with the objective of letting them having an experience as pleasant as possible.

  • The role of the Medtravelco agency

    Medtravelco will send a notification to every professional part involved to start your journey. We will send a referral to the criminal record agency in order to perform a background check on the surrogate and their partner (if it proceeds). We will send a referral to our psychologist, who will evaluate your surrogate mother and their partner (if it proceeds). We will notify the attorney you have chosen to represent you, and we will notify the substitute mother’s attorney. We will also contact the IVF clinic which we will work with in the process of surrogacy in the U.S. to notify them of your compatibility and provide them with the necessary information. Our priority is to guide the parents and the surrogate through the process in a light and delicate way as possible.

  • Background check and psychological examination of the surrogate mother

    We will send the information provided by the surrogate mother for a background check of her and her partner (if needed). This is to make sure she doesn’t have any criminal record. After that, we will have the surrogate mother perform a psychological evaluation to confirm she is mentally stable to start the gestational surrogacy in the U.S. *We require that future parents to also undergo a background check. For your comfort, this evaluation can be done in Spain. We need will this to be completed before your substitute is authorized by the doctor. Send us this by email.

  • Medical check-up for the substitute mother

    We will need to send the surrogate’s psychological test to the IVF clinic to schedule an appointment for her medical examination. We will send the results of the psychological test to the IVF clinic as soon as we receive them. Then, the IVF clinic will then contact the substitute mother and will schedule her appointment for her medical evaluation according to her menstruation cycle. The medical check-up for the surrogate consists of collecting a urine sample and a blood sample to verify the use of drugs, illnesses and general medical record. The surrogate mother will also have an ultrasound of the uterus to verify the health of her uterine lining. To the married substitutes or in a relationship will be required to have their partner also undergo blood tests to detect transmissible diseases.

  • Get a life insurance for your baby(s)

    The life insurance of the surrogate only covers her medical care through surrogacy in the U.S. It does NOT cover the baby or babies after birth. There are two available options for you: you can pay the medical costs of the baby directly to the hospital, or you can buy a separate policy of health insurance separately for the babies. Since insurances are not our specialization area, we suggest you to contact our insurances expert, with whom we can connect you for more information.

    Your attorney will also give you the information about your baby(s) insurance and he can help you negotiate prices with the hospital.

  • Singing of the contract by substitute and future parents

    Once the substitute is medically approved by their IVF doctor, we will notify your attorney that you’re ready to review the legal contract your attorney has prepared for you and your substitute for the surrogate pregnancy in the U.S. Both parts with their respective attorneys will review the contract and have a consultation with your attorneys before signing the contract. Once both parts agree on the contract, you must notarize the final contract. This procedure can be also done in Spain.

  • Deposit on the escrow account

    Within the posterior 7 days of signing the surrogacy agreement, the future parents will have to make a deposit of $50.000,00 in American currency in their trust/escrow account on guarantee for covering compensations for you surrogate (The exact amount of the initial deposit may vary depending on the location of the surrogate and gestational surrogacy U.S. experience). The future parents may also bring in an extra amount of money to cover the costs of de ovary donation cycle (If proceeds), IVF doctor specialized in fertility and/or any other expenses.

  • First payment to the substitute

    After signing the legal contract of the surrogacy in the U.S., the first compensation will be paid to the surrogate. It will be included: Monthly allowance, monthly bonus of the health insurance (If it’s covered by the future parents), compensation for attending the monthly meeting of support group, payment each time you attend the fertility clinic (If you work), expenses of fertility clinic (Including mileage, car park and meals), and travel expenses when the surrogate mother has to travel long distances.

  • Fertility treatments for the surrogate mother

    This treatment lasts about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the IVF medical prescription. The pharmacy in charge of providing the medication that the surrogate mother and/or ovary donor will ask the future parents to pay her directly to cover the medication cost. That information of the surrogacy U.S. will not be shared with any other part. This is to ensure payment for any medication that the surrogate and/or ovary donor will need during the fertility treatment. Otherwise, the pharmacy will not provide the medication to the surrogate and can may result in a delay of the fertility treatment or the cancellation of a treatment cycle. Once the surrogate mother has started taking medication and her uterine lining looks favourable to accept an embryo.

  • Pregnancy test for the surrogate mother

    Once the embryo transfer is done, an appointment is set to the surrogate mother within the next two weeks to perform a pregnancy blood analysis performed by the fertility clinic. If the results of the blood test are positive, the substitute mother will go through another analysis approximately one week after to make sure the level of HCG (pregnancy hormone) is rising properly. If the levels correctly increase, about two weeks after the last blood test, we will perform an ultrasound on the surrogate mother to confirm the baby has a heartbeat and determine how many embryos were successfully implanted during the transfer in the procedure for surrogacy in the U.S.

    After confirming the ultrasound of the first heartbeat, the first payment of the surrogate mother’s first fee will be compensated on the first day of the next month and the surrogate mother will be able to request a policy of life insurance.

  • The substitute mother can go to her personal gynaecologist/obstetrician

    Within the following 8-12 weeks of the IVF treatment, your IVF doctor will give a report to the surrogate for delivery to her personal gynaecologist/obstetrician and receive prenatal care during the rest of the surrogate pregnancy in the U.S. and delivery. It will be the responsibility of the surrogate to inform the agency of the gynaecologist and the date and time of her first appointment. Our partners of the U.S. offer to the surrogate mother and future parents that a member of our team joins the surrogate mother at her first appointment with the gynaecologist/obstetrician to ensure the fluency of the transition from the IVF clinic, and also at any other appointment the surrogate mother or future parents want. From this moment on, the surrogate will be the communicational media between obstetrician and future parents.

  • 4D Ultrasound

    The future parents can request that the surrogate mother performs a 4D ultrasound when she is between 26-34 weeks pregnant. This is a fun and special ultrasound where you can see your baby sleeping or playing in 4D! The cost of this optional ultrasound is usually $80 to $200, depending on whether it’s a single or multiple pregnancy, and it will be covered by the future parents. Our partner agency for surrogacy in the U.S. will provide the future parents and the surrogate with a list of places near the surrogate which specialises at this kind of ultrasounds.

  • Parental establishment judgment

    Around the 24th week of the pregnancy, the surrogacy agency in the U.S. will inform the lawyer’s office that the surrogate is still pregnant, therefore the judgement of the paternity rights of the future parents for the baby can be established. The parental establishment judgement is what allows the future parents to be named as parents on the birth certificate of the baby. This is important because it allows parents to make all decisions related to the children after they are born and ensures that the babies are legally turned over to the future parents.

  • Final estimate of budget

    When the surrogate mother is between 25 and 30 weeks pregnant, our collaborating agency in the U.S. will prepare a final estimate for the future parents. This final estimate will explain in detail the balance of the intended parents’ escrow account/funds and whether additional money will need to be deposited or if there are sufficient funds.

  • Arrival time for birth

    From Medtravelco we encourage the international future parents to come to the U.S. between the 36th and 37th weeks of the pregnancy if their surrogate is pregnant with a baby. If your surrogate mother is pregnant with twins, we insistently suggest to arrive within 33rd and 34th weeks of pregnancy to make sure you are here at the labour. When it comes to surrogacy in the U.S. some women prefer birthing a couple of weeks before the planned date, therefore we recommend to you to come, at least a couple of weeks in advance.

  • Presence of the future parents during childbirth

    The future parents can be present at the hospital during labour if so, agreed with the surrogate. If the substitute needs a c-section, the doctor will usually only allow one person to remain in the room during surgery. If a c-section is required, the surrogate mother will let us know who she prefers to be in the room with her. Usually is not a problem for the woman in surrogate pregnancy in the U.S. having the future mother or father in the room, but in case of complications, the surrogate may want her own spouse or support person to be in the room with her as support.

  • Birth certificate and passport

    Our partner agency in the U.S. will offer information to the future parents about how to apply for their baby’s the birth certificate, passport and life insurance card. If you want it, a member of the staff in Medtravelco can accompany you to any of these appointments to assist in this process and help you obtain the necessary documents to travel home with your new baby.

Why choose surrogacy in the U.S?

Medtravelco recommends you choose surrogacy in the U.S. to start creating your own family for different reasons. The first is the legal protection that intended parents receive all the time, with laws that guarantee their rights and facilities when it comes to managing this process. Our surrogacy plan doesn’t include the travel and accommodation of the parents for the signature of the contract and delivery in San Diego and México, but in both cases, travel is necessary to guarantee your rights and pick up the baby to bring home. The procedures in gestational surrogacy U.S. are much clearer and guarantee in most cases a fair and fast process for the family.

Although the surrogacy option in the U.S. is the most expensive plan regarding this service, it also has greater legal protection and guarantee of rights of the intended parents, something that is invaluable for the safety and return home of the new-born with his family. You are not only paying for the arrival of your child, but also paying for the calm and safety. Medtravelco makes easier for you to communicate with the surrogate mother, with the professional team that will be in charge of your health and with the professionals that will carry out the processing of legal documents for your baby.

Surrogacy in the U.S. is the safest alternative to guarantee the rights of parents. Contact us and start your family.

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