Traumatology in Spain

The specialty of this medicine is dedicated to the research and treatment of several lesions that can occur at the limbs and spine. We are not only talking about injuries to bones, but also to joints, muscles, cartilages, ligaments and many others connective tissues which connects organs with tissues.

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The importance of this specialty is to correctly diagnose. That’s why we care about looking for the best specialist according to the pathology the patient manifests. We have traumatologists specialized in different areas like hips, elbows, spinal column, shoulders, hands, knees and foot surgeries. We try to find professional and high-quality solutions and try, as far as possible, that our surgeries be the lower invasive as we can. That way, recovery will be faster and the patient can enjoy the best stay at Spain. One of the treatments that are the lowest invasive, is arthroscopy surgery, which can be performed on any joint with greatest results. The traumatologists in Spain have a long experience in this type of interventions.

Lately, some surgeons have specialized in sports injuries as the practice of sports in society is greater and greater, which leads to some complicated injuries. Our clinics have the latest advances in sports medicine to accomplish the best diagnosis, treatment and more important, rehabilitation.

We can help you to find the best clinic that suits your needs. Also, what we aim to in Medtravelco is to not only book your appointment with the doctor, but also bring you everything you might need before and after the treatment. In case of any orthopedic injury, it’s very important that it doesn’t suppose any handicap. We are prepared to pick you up in adapted vehicle and to bring you to a completely accessible hotel.

¿What is a hip replacement?

A hip replacement is a surgery in which the head of the femur and also the cartilage in the pelvic cavity, are removed. Its head is replaced to a metal sphere fixated to a stem which is anchored to the femur or the hip cavity. It is replaced with a plastic fixated to the pelvis or by a metal shell. This creates a very high-precision joint that doesn’t hurt.

¿How are the results of a hip replacement?

Usually, the results are very good. They can vary depending on the quality of the tissues, the severity of osteoarthritis, the level of activity and compliance with medical recommendations. The patient is usually pain-free and can go back to their normal everyday within a month.

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✓ Pre-surgery checks and anesthesia consultation

✓ Hospitalization stays of 3 days in a single room. Includes food and hospitality, and prophylaxis before and after surgery

✓ Consumable material during surgery

✓ Waste materials, tools and monitoring in the operating room

✓ Fees of the surgeon, surgical technician, assistant and anesthetist

✓ Regular checks after surgery until discharge

✓ Hip replacement suitable to the patient

✓ Emergency cures if needed

✓ Adapted vehicles to the hotel or apartment

✓ 3 sessions of physiotherapy

✓ Adapted transport to your hotel or flat

✓ 3 physiotherapy sessions

¿What is a knee replacement?

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A knee replacement is one of the most usual interventions in Spain nowadays, with around 50.000 knee surgeries per year. That’s because of the increase in life expectancy at Spain and also because this surgery has excellent results, helping the patients to improve their life quality.

Those who suffer from osteoarthritis at their knees have to endure intense pain which wakes them up at night. That makes impossible to live a normal life. Therefore, it’s important to implant a new replacement to substitute the injured knee. That’s the best option to relieve pain on the knee and to restore the mobility lost because of the pain.



✓Complete pre-surgery (Blood analytics, electrocardiogram and chest plate)

✓Reservation and use of operating room

✓Single room with bed for companion including food and hospitality

✓Regular checks after surgery until discharge

✓Surgeon fees.

✓Anesthetist fees

✓Nursing team fees

✓Surgical material needed for the surgery

✓Knee replacement

✓Anesthesia, hemotherapy-blood transfusion, reservation a recovery room…

✓Adapted vehicles to the hotel or apartment

✓4 sessions of physiotherapy

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