Bariatric surgery abroad

What does Medtravelco do for you?

Our specialized agency in the health tourism sector connects patients from all over the world with the best international professionals for the treatment of several injuries. Our extensive experience allows us to offer to our clients a customized and close treatment, designing for them an itinerary route custom-made to make their trips with total confidence.

Medtravelco guarantees the safety of all the people who trust us to carry out their interventions abroad by taking precautions and carrying out the corresponding researches to ensure the conditions in which the surgeries are performed. Among the actions we carry out for this, the following stands out:

We have the best professionals

Accompaniment during the entire process

We inspect the hospitals

Custom-made treatment packs

What are the steps to perform my stomach reduction abroad?

If you are thinking of having a stomach reduction abroad, the best option is to have an agency of professionals that organise all your trip so that you don’t have to worry about anything else but your recovery. For that, in Medtravelco we offer you price packs that include everything you may need during your trip and stay, except for the flights we leave at your disposal for you to choose the dates that best suit you after talking to the doctor.

Keep in mind that these trips include a pre-operatory, surgery and a few days of recovery with check-ups by the medical professionals. Our packs include the stay in a hospital and in hospitals of three or four stars during your recovery. Next, we will explain in detail the process that some of our patients follow for a stomach reduction abroad:







Perform your bariatric surgery abroad with us

Are you thinking about having a stomach reduction abroad, but don’t know what to expect? At Medtravelco we have everything prepared for you. We have packs ready to cover your needs, including accommodation, translators and highly qualified health professionals with whom to perform your intervention.

cirugía bariátrica en el extranjero - turquía


FROM 3.990€

From just 3.990€

Turkey offers patients an economical and safe option to perform their stomach reduction with the best professionals. Our prices include every test, medication, stay at hospital and assistance in the Spanish-speaking country.

cirugía bariátrica en el extranjero - polonia


FROM 5.490€

From just 5.490€

In Poland you will find a European destination that offers the best technology on the market for your stomach reduction and a three-year follow-up plan included in the intervention pack, tests and stay at a three stars hotel.

cirugía bariátrica en el extranjero - colombia


FROM 4.700€

From just 4.700€

Colombia has some of the best bariatric surgeons in the world and its reasonable price makes this a very requested destination for stomach reduction. Our pack includes intervention, tests, medication and stay at a four stars hotel.

Bariatric surgery abroad

Packs prepared for you to travel with total peace of mind and in the hands of the best international professionals.

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