What is dermatology?

Dermatology is the specialty which studies, prevents, diagnoses and treats skin, nails and hair illnesses. The clinics which we collaborate with have among them outstanding dermatologists. They are specialists in diseases such as psoriasis, alopecia and especially skin cancer.

Carcinoma is an important dermatological problem, with a high rate of recovery when it’s detected in time. That’s why dermatologists in Spain insist on prevention and warn about the importance of protecting the skin against sun rays. They also recommend go the dermatologist when the first symptoms appear.

One of the best treatments for skin cancer is Mohs Micrographic surgery, which is a very successful type of surgery that allows to achieve a high level of recovery, avoiding the removal of healthy tissues.

dermatología - revisión en la piel

Dermatological clinics in Spain have important advances at anti-aging medicine, with diagnostic tests that allow the analysis of the organic aging (biological age) with the study of telomeres and with anti-aging treatments without surgery such as anti-aging medical peeling, facial mesotherapy with vitamins or lifting without surgery that achieves completely natural results and allows to preserve each patient expressions with a high quality and long-lasting product with amazing results.

Without any doubt, one of the dermatological treatments that works best in our country are those that affect psoriasis. We can find treatments in different zones of Spain where the benefits of water combined with muds or creams naturally created improves significantly the symptoms of psoriasis. You can discover those benefits in the post we wrote about Psoriasis treatment in Murcia.



✓ Double room in a 4 stars hotel on the coast of Murcia for 7 days

✓ Full lodging

✓ Psoriasis treatments with water and mud of the Mar Menor

✓ 2 visits with a dermatologist

✓ Transport from Alicante airport to the hotel

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