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In Vitro Fertilization abroad

Going through a fertility treatment can be an economic endeavor to many couples. We have researched for you and we have been verifying which clinics bring together the quality with good prices.

This are the steps you have to follow if you want to undergo In Vitro Fertilization treatment abroad:

The In Vitro Fertilization process:

  • Medical tests

    We have to know what is causing you infertility and to know it the doctors will prescribe several medical tests for the couple, and in that way get to know what is happening. These medical tests can be done in Spain in specialized fertility clinics. Ask us if you don’t know where to go, as we know the best clinics in Spain.

    Once we know the causes, the doctors from the clinics abroad can establish a personalized treatment for you.

  • Ovarian stimulation

    The first step for a fertility treatment for an In Vitro Fertilization is the ovarian stimulation of the woman, which starts on the second or third day after her period arrives. From that day the woman must start administrating the medication prescribed by the doctor. This step can be started in Spain or abroad. If it is carried out in Spain there will be ultrasound and blood controls during those 10 days to verify everything is going well. Approximately on the 10th day must travel to the destination to perform the last ultrasound in the chosen clinic by the clients and set a date of the ovarian puncture.

  • Ovarian puncture

    Once the oocytes are mature, the puncture is planned, which consists in a puncture-suction vaginally with echography control. This intervention lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and is performed under sedation. Once assessed them in the laboratory and known the maturity level, the semen sample is requested to the couple for its preparation in the laboratory. Both the eggs and the sperm are processed to optimize their fertilizing capacity.

  • Embryo transfer

    Once created the embryos they are left to evolve until the fifth or sixth day, which is when they become into blasts, at the same time the woman is preparing her endometrium to receive the embryo at the best conditions; this preparation consists of taking progesterone, and it has to be administered at least until the pregnancy test, If it’s positive she will have to continue with the medication until the 10th or 12th week of the pregnancy.

  • Embryo vitrification

    If at the moment of embryo transfer happened to be excess of viable embryos, meaning of good quality, they will be vitrified and stored frozen for later use by the couple. If she gets pregnant and vitrified embryos remain, it will be the possibility to give it a sibling with the same biological parents.



✓ Pre-treatment visit / Cycle scheduling
✓ Pre-anesthesia visit
✓ Ovarian stimulation of the patient and controls
✓ Ovarian punction
✓ Processes and techniques of laboratory
✓ Embryo culture and selection with Time-Lapse
✓ Embryo transfer


✘ Donor semen, if needed
✘ Pre-implant test or genetic studies
✘ Hotel and flights
✘ Transport from the airport to the clinic
✘ Medication necessary to the stimulations

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