Stomach reduction without surgery

Intra gastric balloon, lose weight without surgery

Miracle diets don’t exist, and when you have extra weight and have tried everything, but you lack the constancy of keeping a diet or anxiety makes you lose control, it may be time to opt for treatments like the gastric balloon that together with a team of nutritionists and psychologists will help you achieve your loss goal. Get your ideal weight with a gastric balloon without surgery.

The intra gastric balloon is usually placed in those patients that have a slight or moderate overweight, that is, they have an overweight between 16 to 30 kilos and do not manage to lose weight with diets and exercise. It’s a very safe and effective technique. The gastric balloon is a stomach reduction technique without surgery as it is performed through an endoscopy with sedation, and in a few hours, you can start doing your usual activities. The only discomfort you can suffer are anguish or vomiting, but they subside within a few days. The treatment allows to reduce hunger, as it causes a premature satiety and therefore the amount of food that ingested is reduced.

The first step to know if you are a candidate for this kind of treatment is to undergo an analysis to see how your values are and to know what body-mass index you have. The placement of the intra gastric balloon with the support of a nutritionist and a psychologist will achieve really good results without undergoing a more important surgery. The intra gastric balloon is placed through the mouth and once it reaches the stomach it is filled with a saline solution. The intra gastric balloon must remain in the stomach for at least 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, after this time, the balloon will be removed through the mouth hole.

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Which benefits does this technique give us:

  • Safety and efficiency.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • No hospitalisation.
  • No scarring, which reduces the risk of infection.
  • Weight loss of about 15 to 20kg.
  • Visible results at 3 months.

This treatment requires an involvement on the part of the patient, who is going to be re-educated in his diet and is will be able to implement new healthy habits, such as exercising or reducing his sugar intake. The intra gastric balloon is also indicated for those patients who can’t undergo a bariatric surgery because of the risk it involves, but it is a temporary solution.

POSE Method

The stomach reduction without surgery by the POSE method consists of a partial gastric plication, where 20% of the volume of the patient’s stomach is reduced from the upper part or also called the dome of the stomach. With this method the stitches are safer than with the APOLLO method, but it also less stomach reduction is achieved with this method.

The POSE method for weight loss allows you to perform a stomach reduction without surgery, as the technique is performed by an oral endoscopy. With this technique several folds are made in the so-called gastric fundus, and with this it is possible to reduce the size of your stomach cavity which causes you to feel satiety after consuming less amounts of food.

The intervention lasts between 40 minutes and an hour, and is performed under general anaesthesia. Usually, you will stay all day in the hospital and you can sleep at home or in the hotel, if you decide to go abroad to perform this type of stomach reduction without surgery. This treatment usually has a very fast recovery without any complication.

With this treatment you will be able to reduce up to 40% of your excess of weight progressively. During the first weeks you will notice a more pronounced change, but you have to be consistent in your diet and in your healthy lifestyle habits, such as exercise. In the entire process you will not be alone, as the hospitals which we collaborate with have a post-intervention support programs for the stomach reduction without surgery where you will have a professional guide to lose weight. Keep in mind that it is a reversible method and you can leave the stomach in its original shape if you want it.

Who is a good candidate for this type of treatment?

  • An overweight person with a BMI or body-mass index between 30 and 40.
  • People who have tried other slimming methods, such as diets or diet based on pharmaceutical products, and have not managed to lose weight.
  • Good for people who take seriously the challenge of losing weight and changing their eating habits, based on the guidance of doctors.
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This technique of stomach reduction without surgery looks very similar to the POSE technique, but they have some significant differences. Both techniques have the same drawbacks: the stitches used to reduce the stomach will be absorbed and therefore little by little your stomach will return to the same size in a time that goes between 12 to 24 months. That’s why it’s so important to insist that this technique has to be accompanied with food re-education. This technique is not recommended for people who need to reduce more than 40% of their body mass or who have already undergone other stomach surgeries, have hiatal hernia or have active gastric injuries. Their differences are:

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  • The APOLLO method reduces the stomach by sewing it until leaving it left in the shape of a tube, however with the POSE method only the upper circular part of the stomach is sewed.
  • With the APOLLO method, a stomach reduction up to 40% is achieved.
  • Stomach reduction by endoscope, avoiding scarring and minimizing the risk of infection.
  • You will have fewer post-operatory discomfort and it’s usually an outpatient stay in the hospital and you can sleep in home or in the hotel.
  • It’s recommended for people who have to reduce between 30-40% of their body mass, or lose between 15 and 35 kg and have failed with previous slimming diets.

It requires that the patient takes losing weight in commitment and changes their eating habits to perpetuate the weight loss that will be achieved.

Gastric plication

This technique is performed by some bariatric surgeons in Spain but it’s not very developed in other countries, the main difference with the APOLLO or POSE methods Is that the stomach reduction is done through the navel, with a minimally invasive laparoscopic technique, that’s why it’s required a smaller amount of anaesthesia and therefore we obtain a faster recovery.

This stomach reduction without surgery lasts approximately 90 minutes. You have to stay between 12 to 24hours in the hospital and you can return to your normal life after a week. It is recommended for patients with a body-mass index of between 30-40.

With this technique it’s done by folding the stomach on itself in two consecutive layers. We get a small stomach of tubular shape that maintains the functions. Also, since the area of the intestines is not touched, they maintain their absorption functions and therefore it is not necessary to take supplements.

What benefits does gastric plication give you over other stomach reduction treatments?

  • You will have a satiety feeling after eating small amounts of food, which will to help you to lose weight.
  • Less risks of infections, breaking sutures or the probabilities of fistulas that other surgeries have.
  • It does not alter the absorption function of the digestive system.


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