Gender selection of the baby abroad

In Medtravelco we are open to the new advances in technology to improve your health and you choosing capacity. If you want to choose the gender of your baby before he is born, in Spain there is a legal barrier that doesn’t allow taking this decision. To be able to freely choose if you want a boy or a girl you have to go to countries where this regulation doesn’t exist, such as Cyprus, Ukraine or Mexico. The process of gender selection of the baby is completely safe and it doesn’t differ as much from the in vitro fertilization process, as the only difference is that you will find is in the embryo, as it will be the gender you have chosen.

For your baby’s gender selection, we have many some options with which you will be able to have a child of the gender you and your partner prefer. We also have different price plans depending on the destination of the embryo selection and in vitro fecundation. You can trust Medtravelco to do the necessary processes that leads you to get pregnant of the baby you want to have. With this technique you can, also, freeze the fertilized embryos for future pregnancies.



✓ All the IVF process with PGT


✘ Patient’s medication
✘ Flights to Cyprus
✘ Accommodation (Costs approximately between 70-100€ double bedroom with three meals)
✘ Transport from the clinic to the hotel



✓ All the IVF process with PGT up to 12 embryos
✓ Freezing ang storage of the embryos for the first year
✓ Transport from the airport to the clinic all the times necessaries


✘ Flights to Mexico
✘ Patient’s medication
✘ 7 nights in complete accommodation (1000€)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis to choose the baby’s gender

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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) consists of a test that is performed to the embryos to obtain a DNA sample with which the important genetic information about him is obtained. With this test we can know, per example, if the embryo suffers from a genetic illness such as autism or Down syndrome. In Spain, this test is only allowed to the couples who have high probabilities of having babies with hereditary pathologies, but cannot be made for the gender selection of the baby. The method is the same. The DNA is extracted from the embryos to know their gender and those who have the gender wanted and are healthy are selected, as with this test we can also know if it suffers from any illness.

To know this information, an extraction of one or two cells from the embryo is made to obtain the important genetic information. This is performed between third and fifth day after the insemination and don’t compromise the health of the baby in the future. This surgery in made with each embryo and with that we obtain several viable possibilities.

Once obtained the embryos, it is performed an in vitro fecundation by medical professionals form the chosen country, and is made a brief monitoring to assure that everything is going well. Generally, between one and three embryos are implanted in the mother to guarantee the pregnancy. This method is completely safe and the embryos or eggs where the tests are made do not result harmful in any way during its performing. With the PGD you can choose the gender of your baby with total security. The rest of the embryos can be frozen for future pregnancies, something specially recommended to older couples or for people who will want to choose again the gender of their baby.

Places where gender selection is allowed

As we have previously mentioned, in Spain the gender selection of he baby is prohibited by the law and the preimplantation genetic diagnosis is only performed in cases where the couple have a risk to transmit an illness to their babies. But you don’t have to feel discouraged at all because of that, in Medtravelco we offer you different options to chose the gender of you baby in countries where this test is legal. There are three main options where you can perform this treatment; Cyprus, Ukraine and Mexico.

If you choose Cyprus to perform the PGD and in vitro fecundation, Medtravelco offers you a plan with prices very competitive which includes the preimplantation genetic diagnosis, the in vitro fecundation process in a medical clinic and transport from the airport to the hotel and the clinic as many times as needed for the process. 10 nights at a four stars hotel with half-board room (except local holidays that can modify the price). There are not included the flights, additional nights if the couple wanted to contract them or the extraordinary medication that is prescribed to patients in cases poorly usual. You can choose the gender of your baby in Cyprus with a medical professional supervision and a contact in Spain who will be in charge of all your paperwork for 6.500€.

If you want to choose the gender of your baby, contact with Medtravelco and you will obtain all the necessary amenities to be able to perform this process in a safe and fair way. Contact with our professionals if you want more information about how we work and the periods for this treatment.

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