Increase pregnancy

The wonder of the reproductive process remains a mystery on which factors that often are detracted from influence.

In this post we will list the possibilities that exist to naturally increase fertility. Most of them are simply about changing certain eating habits and everyday behavior. We will also talk about natural remedies, whose effectiveness has helped many women since ancient times to achieve the longed-for pregnancy.

The importance of choosing a good time to have sex

If we want to conceive, the best days to have relationships are undoubtedly the days before and during ovulation, when we appreciate the elastic mucus and the temperature has not risen yet. Since the life of a spermatozoon can last up to the incredible amount of five days, one should not rule out the possibility of becoming pregnant having intercourse many days before ovulation occurs, since the spermatozoa can still be alive (fertile cervical mucus of the woman also offers them the ideal means to survive) waiting for the egg to appear to fertilize it.

Balanced diet

Eating well

Eating well is essential because many diseases are directly related to our diet. Some of them can be caused by a lack of nutrients and others (and this is much more frequent in developed countries) are due to the opposite: to the abundance of food, especially of «junk food» that, together with a lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and many other pathologies that can alter our ability to conceive.

Physical Exercise: Stay Fit

One of the first tips that will probably give you any health professional when you are looking for pregnancy will be, in case of being overweight, lose some of the extra pounds and generally stay in shape: moderate daily exercise tones the muscles and starts the metabolism. As a consequence, it is logical that to substitute sedentarism by exercise can improve the vital functions and therefore benefit the natural fertility.

Say no to stress, learn to relax

We talk about how stress can reduce fertility. It seems that, indeed, high levels of anxiety can alter hormonal intercommunication in women and cause irregular ovulations and uterine contractions that may prevent the implantation of the embryos. In men, stress can be reflected in a reduction in the quantity and quality of sperm.

No more smoke!

Tobacco decreases sperm quality in man. One of the effects of tobacco on spermatozoa is the fragmentation of DNA and the gamete. This fragmentation of the genetic material may be one of the origins of chromosomal failures in spermatozoa, which are responsible for the difficulty in fertilization and/or poor embryo quality.

In women, tobacco alters hormonal levels: it decreases estrogens negatively influencing follicular maturation, oocyte quality and subsequently implantation of the fertilized egg.

In a recent statistical study, which analyzed the relationship between exposure to cigarette smoke at different stages of women and fertility problems, it was found that women who were exposed from childhood to cigarette smoke tended to suffer hormonal alterations, and spontaneous abortions more frequently than women whose infancy did not have contact with cigarette smoke.

We want to emphasize that the material we provide here is purely informative and should not replace the consultation and diagnosis or treatment established by your doctor at any time.

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