MEDTRAVELCO is the easiest way to schedule medical travel and treatments in Spain.


MEDTRAVELCO helps you schedule medical treatments in Spain. We believe that whatever your reasons – access to better quality or affordable care, specialist treatments or shorter waiting times – medical treatment abroad should be easy to find and the logistics should be easy to manage. 

MEDTRAVELCO is the easiest way to schedule medical travel and treatments in Spain. 

We help you arrange the medical treatment you need at trusted private hospitals and clinics. And, with MEDTRAVELCO CARE we provide you with a friendly local contact in the Region of Valencia to help you feel at home throughout your stay. 

Our vision is easy to find and manage medical travel to Spain.

At MEDTRAVELCO we offer personalized assistance to:

✓ Simplify your search. Simplify your search.

✓ Find local services to meet your needs.

✓ Find local services to meet your needs.

✓ Connect with medical professionals.

✓ Connect with medical professionals.

✓ At MEDTRAVELCO our mission is to take care of you!



MEDTRAVELCO facilitates access to medical treatments in Spain that are effective, personal and safe. We connect you with trusted, internationally renowned and accredited private hospitals and clinics in Spain. And we put you in touch with highly qualified medical professionals recognized for the quality, rigour and excellence of their procedures.

MEDTRAVELCO cuts through the complexities of medical travel to Spain. For each centre, we provide realistic written and visual descriptions of the facilities, medical staff biographies, an indication of treatment costs, as well as patient testimonials. And, we provide a local contact in Spain to help you connect with local services so that you can tailor your trip to meet your personal, cultural and linguistic needs.

MEDTRAVELCO will not sell, license or transmit your personal information. Our business model is ethical and transparent. We charge the healthcare centre in Spain a small fee for each patient they receive through the MEDTRAVELCO site. And they have contractually agreed that the prices applied to patients referred via MEDTRAVELCO are the same as the prices charged to the patients they receive directly or via other sources.


Inma Meco, a native of Valencia, is an enthusiastic leader with the soul of an entrepreneur. She started MEDTRAVELCO following many years dedicated to client service. Her passion for travel and her desire to help make life easier for others inspired her to create a web-based resource to help tourists locate healthcare in Spain. Inma founded MEDTRAVELCO in Valencia, her home town, a city with a long tradition of excellence in medicine and a medical tourist destination since the time of the Romans. MEDTRAVELCO facilitates scheduling of quality healthcare with travel to an outstanding tourist destination.

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