Madrid gay pride

There are so many reasons why people love Spain: sun, parties, beaches, food… but there are several reasons to visit and enjoy the country. Do you want to discover why people is in love with Spain? Keep Reading.

This post is not to explain how important has been Spain since the world become world, you can read it in Wikipedia, we want to make this post proud of our country and our people and to celebrate love.

Since 2005 (3rd country in the world to legalize gay marriage), in Spain all people have the same rights and Spaniards are free to marry with the person that they love and become a family. This is something that seems something really common but it is still really difficult for some people who live in countries like Russia, Jamaica or even United States that have the highest rates of homophobia in the world. Spain, according to the latest study of PEW is the first country in the world of acepptance of gay families/people and the third one in the world to start growing a family in terms of safe and health.

Un semáforo con dos hombres de la mano

Why Spain is a good choice for homosexual people?

The law that regulates assisted reproduction treatments in Spain is one of the most advanced in Europe. Precisely Spain attracts a healthcare tourism of women without a partner and lesbians from Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, countries where the law is much more restrictive. If we mix all together, Spain is paradise not only for living, is the best place on the planet if you’re gay to start a family and have a good quality life.

And what about Madrid? The city is among the most gay-friendly destinations in Europe and you’ll find a wide array of activities and nightlife throughout the city. There are many reasons to consider a visit to the Spanish capital even more this year for the world gay pride that takes place this week. Different shows, parties and culture events who will make the biggest pride ever in Madrid and one of the biggest in the world.

The Spanish people are a lot of fun. Reserved, yet often exuberant. Friendly, gracious, expansive, and often slightly stroppy, but one of the most important things are that Spanish people, especially people from Madrid are highly open minded. It is very normal to see LGTB families walking around the city, at the schools…

Dos vecinos conversan durante el orgullo gay en Madrid

During the 60's there was an advert campaigne who said; Spain is different…

Tell us your opinión about it!




Do you need more reasons? Just discover Spain and our travel package and enjoy Spain as never you have done before.

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