Medical tourism

Travel for health reasons to Spain each year become more common, thanks to foreign tourists who find in the country health care facilities among the best in the world, hospitality and high standards of service. The procedures most desired by patients abroad are dental, fertility, ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery. And this is because the costs of this type of procedure are lower price than in the rest of Europe.

Planning a health trip is a process that should not be taken lightly. Then we invite you to consider these tips so that your medical visit to Spain will be a memorable experience:

  1. Seek expert advice or advice to resolve your doubts regarding the health travel process. Make sure you have the information on the best procedure for you, the most important thing is to look for quality, certifications, recognition and good service above the economy.
  2. Define the city to which you want to travel depending on the type of procedure you are looking for and your preferences regarding tourism, each destination has a different tourist offer for you.
  3. If your procedure is esthetic, when choosing the doctor who will do your procedure, it is important to check if the professional belongs to the Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery, as well as check on their website the testimonies of people who have already passed through your hands in the operating room.
  4. If your procedure is a complex surgery, keep in mind when booking your accommodation and that of your companions that the hotel has already received health tourists, special conditions of asepsis and infrastructure are needed to guarantee you a pleasant stay and preparation before any risk.
  5. It is important to inquire about the number of days you need for your recovery before embarking on the return trip.
  6. Enjoy your stay in Spain to know the tourism plans that you and your family can make during the recovery, each destination has wonderful places to discover. Even if it's a medical travel, you can enjoy sightseeing.
Travel for medical tourism

Remember that choosing a good medical facilitator, like Medtravelco, will help you with everything discussed above and you will not have to worry about anything. From Medtravelco, we have advice from the first moment that the patient contacts us to solve all your doubts.

If you want more information about medical tourism contact us in the button below.

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