THE DONATION OF OVULES IN SPAIN, WHICH YOU HAVE TO KNOW IF YOU COME FROM THE FOREIGNER. In Spain there is a fact that allows us to be very proud and is to be world leaders in organ donation and transplantation, and that is because we have an organized and effective national transplant system, as […]

Why is it recommendable to go abroad for an IVF- Treatment?

The demand for an IVF-treatment abroad continues increasing. More and more couples from Germany are interested in clinics in Spain which offer services that may be restricted or even illegal in their own country. In Germany exist a lot of restrictions referring to medical methods which should be kept in mind: egg donation via another […]

The day that the whole world become a woman

Medtravelco is a Spanish company based in Valencia. This month in our country is celebrated The Day of Women. To be more exact, on March 8 is celebrated throughout the Spanish territory a holiday that every day takes more strength and is supported by both men and women. The fight (in Western countries) has been […]

Five reasons for why murcia is a good destiny to make a fertility treatment.

The Region of Murcia is known above all for its treatments of Wellness and wellbeing, but today I want to highlight the excellent work that is done in the fertility clinics of the Region of Murcia, which together with what the destination offers, make it more of a reason to do fertility treatment in this […]

Diet for your fertility: the nutrients you need to conceive

If you are trying to conceive, have good eating habits before, it will help you to have a healthy pregnancy.No matter how balanced your diet is, it is important that you take prenatal vitamins to reduce the risk of defects in the baby’s neural tube. Most experts recommend that every woman start taking folic acid […]


We went back to Fitur Salud this year hoping to continue advancing in the promotion of Spain as a health and wellness destination. It’s been three years now that we have been attending this event and without a doubt, this has been the best year. Leaving it to international professionals, such as B2B Encounters, led […]

Fertility treatments for employees: The future work incentive?

fertility treatment

From Medtravelco we want to share with you what seems an upward trend in the global labor market. We are all aware of the problem of sexism that exists in most of the developed countries, so thanks to movements for equal pay and work for women, the world’s big companies are developing new incentives to […]

Genetic diseases and how to detect them when you are pregnant

genitic diseases and how to detect them when you are pregnant

Happy New Year from the entire Medtravelco team. To start this year, we are going to answer the question that our patients have asked us most about fertility issues. What diseases can I pass on to my son if I get pregnant? Mutations are changes that occur in the genetic map of each living being, […]

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