How does this type of surgery affect the fertility of women and pregnancy itself?

Pregnancy after gastric bypass or stomach reduction is possible and is safe
Losing weight through a diet improves these results, but there are extreme cases, in which the woman must undergo some technique called bariatric surgery or obesity surgery, usually with stomach reduction and in some cases intestinal bypass that excludes the area where fats are absorbed. When this happens you have to take into account some considerations and especially the planning of a pregnancy.
What’s more, we insist that what is dangerous for the child or fetus is not the operation of obesity, but obesity itself.

Risks of pregnancy in the morbidly obese patient:
The most frequent complications are, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and macrosomia.
Pre-eclampsia can also lead to the patient remaining with a certain degree of hypertension that she did not have before pregnancy, forcing her to take medication.
Gestational diabetes, warns us that the metabolism of glucose and insulin is not being correct, that the pancreas “cannot perform the function of regulating the blood glucose of the mother and the child”, because together they have a body mass twice as much as it would correspond.
The macrosomia (child, excessively large, greater than 5.5 kg), is due to the fact that the alteration in the regulation of blood glucose caused the formation of a child who is too large, with a higher risk of delivery, and that although he is not As demonstrated, these children have a higher frequency of obesity in adulthood. Macrosomia is also a frequent cause of cesarean sections, due to the risk that the child does not fit through the birth canal, with a significant increase in infection problems, bruises, wound failures, and incisions in cesarean section wounds.

When is pregnancy recommended after gastric bypass ?:

The recommended minimum time to get pregnant, after an obesity operation, is 12/18 months. The main thing is to wait until the weight loss has stabilized or stopped completely.

Because after the operation and the loss of weight, our body drastically and if it had cost us before to get pregnant, now with the change and the good habit our fertility is not the same and we can stay quickly.

Once the weight is stabilized, and the decision to look for pregnancy is made, the patient must undergo a detailed blood test. If some of the parameters were altered, they are supplemented orally, intramuscularly or even intravenously (in the case of iron if necessary) and the test is repeated in one or two months. Once all the parameters are normal, it is time to look for pregnancy.

What special care or possible risks can the mother operated on by gastric bypass?

It is convenient to carry out blood analysis and ultrasound studies to monitor fetal development, with a little more frequency than usual.

Your specialist must be aware of your medical record and have a healthy diet, with all the nutrients and a healthy lifestyle.

With all these precautions, you will have and will enjoy a happy pregnancy.


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