Surrogacy in Georgia

Why choose surrogacy in Georgia?

Based on Georgian regulations, surrogacy in Georgia is only allowed to married or not hetero couples. It’s also required that one of the parents must be genetically linked to the embryo. But Georgia is a very friendly destination to those couples who want to be parents by surrogacy. There are fertility clinics with high success rates.

It is important to have ready the necessary documentation to be able to start the gestational surrogacy Georgia:

  • For married couples: Marriage certificate (Religious or civil dated at least one year before the beginning of the program)
  • For non-married couples: Documents that proves that they are a common-law partners dated at least one year before the beginning of the program))

Every document of the list must be confirmed before a notary and has to have an apostille from the Haya.

surrogacy in georgia - surrogacy georgia

Medical examinations are very important when it comes to surrogacy in Georgia because in this country it is required that either the father or mother provides their genetic material. It’s also required a doctors’ note that proves the need to perform the surrogacy procedure or egg donation.

In case of being the father who has to provide the genetic material required for the laboratory result to check the quality of the sperm.

Both egg and sperm donation are anonymous in Georgia, so we don’t have a data base where parents can see pictures of the possible candidates.

Under the proposed program, all of the fertility treatments will be performed in Georgia, including egg donation, IVF, embryo transfer, childbirth, etc.



✓ Allows you to consider to pair up with 2 surrogate mothers
✓ Egg donation program, medical examinations to the donor, medication of the ovarian stimulation, ovarian puncture and compensation to the donor
✓ Unlimited IVF/ICSI of donated eggs
✓ Embryo storage for 2 years
✓ Check-up of the surrogate mother
✓ Psychological test and criminal and social background check of the surrogate mother performed by a social worker
✓ Medical preparation of the surrogate mother to perform the embryo transfer (analytical, ultrasounds and medication)
✓ Unlimited embryo transfers cryo-preserved to the surrogate mother
✓ Costs of pregnancy monitoring and compensation to the surrogate mother
✓ Childbirth costs and of neonatal ICU if needed (During the first 7 days). A check-up by paediatricians during the hospital stay
✓ During the first trip, accommodation is included for 3 nights, transfer from the airport and anything needed during the stay in Georgia
✓ Accommodation for a month in an apartment in Tbilisi once the baby is born
✓ Logistics, meaning taxi transfers form the airport and from the apartments to the clinic
✓ Local phone card to be always connected
✓ Translation services for the parents in the hospital and the civil registry for a total of 15 hours
✓ Legal costs in Georgia
✓ Birth certificate with then name of the intended parents


✘ Flights
✘ Pre-implantation diagnosis tests
✘ Translation of documents and notarial costs
✘ Costs of sending documentation from other countries
✘ Legal costs of international parents in Spain

Our surrogacy plan in Georgia

  • Contact us

    To start the program of gestational surrogacy in Georgia, patients simply need to fill out a questionnaire that allows us to know your particular case. This way we can guide them in which is the best option for them. This can be done via Skype, zoom, etc. with any of our colleagues.

  • Fertility analysis

    Once you have chosen which is the best option for the surrogacy in Georgia, it’s time to perform the fertility treatment to create the embryos, either with genetic material of the father or the mother. In both cases you have to perform some previous analytics that will be sent to the clinic in Georgia to assess your case. In case of carrying out egg donation process, we will indicate you what time you have to travel to leave the sperm sample.

  • Signing the contract

    Once created the embryos and cryo-preserved, is time to sign the surrogate pregnancy Georgia agreements between intended parents and the surrogate mother. For this you will have our support in Georgia.

  • Start the process

    Once selected the mother and signed the contracts, starts the stage of implantation of the embryo in the surrogate mother. She also must undergo a strict medical and psychological control. Once she is considered capable, begins the endometrial stimulation to make the embryo transfer. The program includes medication and medical monitoring for the embryo transfer. There is a guarantee on the program for surrogacy in Georgia of 3 tries of embryo transfer, but is always limited to the number of embryos we have obtained on the process with the egg donor.

  • Embryo creation

    Once the surrogate mother achieves pregnancy, which will be known with a blood test through the surrogacy agency in Georgia, it will be programmed appointments to the gynaecologist every 3 weeks. Emphasizing revisions of the 17 weeks, when it will be performed a full analytic, and in week 20 when it will be done a morphological ultrasound of the baby, and in week 25 it will be performed an echocardiogram to the baby.

  • Presence of future parents during childbirth

    It’s recommended to arrive in Georgia a month before the scheduled date of childbirth. It will be carried out in a private hospital that has neonatal ICU. At the moment of the birth, the baby will be medically examined by a team of paediatricians.

  • Birth certificate and passport

    Once the baby is born, we will help you to get all the documentation to return to Spain.

Surrogacy in Georgia is a good option for heterosexual couples who want to conceive. Call us and we will inform you.

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