It is one of the most demanded specialties, because the difficult to live with knee, hip or shoulder pain and having to wait many months to be able to operate in your country, and the Valencia region particularly is an excellent setting for the rehabilitation programmes which are often required after an operation.

We offer tight packages of traumatology in Spain, and without waiting lists, so you can operate and put on that prosthesis that will make you want to go for a walk.

Traumatology in Spain.

This specialty of medicine is dedicated to the study and treatment of different injuries that can occur in the extremities and in the spine. But we are not only talking about the injuries in the bones but also in joints, tendons, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and various connective tissues that link organs with tissues.

The important thing in this specialty is to make a good diagnosis, that is why we care about looking for the best specialist according to the pathology that the patient shows us. Well, we have specialist traumatologists in different areas of hips, elbows, spine, shoulders, hands, knees and foot surgery. We try to provide professional and quality solutions and try, as far as possible, that surgeries are the least invasive. In this way, the recovery will be faster and you can also enjoy your stay in Spain better. One of the minimally invasive treatments is arthroscopic surgery that can be performed in any joint with excellent results, and that traumatologists in Spain have a long experience in this type of intervention.

In recent years some traumatologists have specialized in sports injuries, as a society, increasingly, performs some type of sport that in many cases results in complicated injuries. These clinics have the latest advances in sports medicine to make the best diagnosis, treatment and especially recovery.

We can help you choose the clinic that best suits your needs, and above all what we are looking for from MEDTRAVELCO is that it is not only an appointment reservation with the doctor but everything you may need before and after the treatment. we can offer. For something so important in case of traumatological injuries, such as lack of mobility, do not assume any handicap. We are ready to pick you up in adapted transport and that your hotel is fully accessible.

Hip replacement:

What is a total hip replacement?

The total hip replacement is the operation in which the head of the femur that is damaged is removed, as well as the rest of the cartilage of the pelvic cavity. The head is replaced by a metallic sphere that is fixed to a stem firmly anchored to the femur and the cavity of the pelvis or cup, replaced with a plastic that is fixed directly to the pelvis or by a metal shell. This creates a new precision articulation that does not hurt.


How are the results of total hip replacement?

The results are generally good. These will vary depending on the quality of the tissues, the severity of the osteoarthritis, the level of activity of the patient and compliance with the medical indications. The patient usually remains pain-free and can return to normal activities within a month.





✓ Included preoperative tests and anesthesia consultation

✓ 3-day hospital stay in a single room, with food and hospitality, except for complications, and with prophylaxis, pre-surgical and post-surgical medication

✓ Expendable material during the operation

✓ Room rights, instruments and monitoring in the operating room

✓ Fees of the surgeon, instrumentalist, assistant and anesthetist

✓ Post-surgical reviews until discharge

✓ Hip prosthesis according to each patient

✓ Emergency cures if needed

✓ Transportation adapted to your hotel or apartment

✓ 4 session of rehabilitation

Knee replacement

Prosthetic knee replacement surgery is one of the most common interventions in Spain today, calculating the performance of around 50,000 knee prosthesis operations per year. This is mainly due to the increase in the life expectancy of the Spaniards and to the fact that it is an intervention with excellent results, improving the quality of life of the patients who intervene.


He who suffers from osteoarthritis in the knee joints suffer from intense pain, which can even wake him at night, which makes it impossible to make a normal life, therefore this intervention, which involves implanting a total knee prosthesis replacing the patient for osteoarthritis, it is the best solution to relieve knee pain and restore the mobility that until now prevented pain.




✓ Complete preoperative (blood test, electrocardiogram and chest plate)

✓ Reserve and use of the operating room

✓ Single room with a companion bed with food and hospitality

✓ Postoperative visits until a medical discharge

✓ Medical fees

✓ Anesthetist fees

✓ Nursing team fees

✓ Surgical material necessary for the intervention

✓ Knee prosthesis

✓ Anesthesia, hemotherapy-transfusions, reserve recovery room, etc.

✓ Transfer in an adapted vehicle to your hotel or apartment

✓ 4 session of rehabilitation

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