Cosmetic surgery is the most popular procedure for international patients coming to Spain for treatment


Cosmetic surgery is the most popular procedure for international patients coming to Spain for treatment. It can also be an opportunity to have a relaxing beach holiday along with the cosmetic surgery. This allows patients to go back home feeling renewed and rejuvenated.
Which cosmetic surgery or treatment is more affordable in Spain than in the UK? There are many, ranging from various body or facial treatments through to the increasingly popular vaginal surgery available in cosmetic surgery clinics in Spain.
One area to highlight is the different types of BREAST SURGERY available, such as breast augmentation or reduction (mammoplasty) and breast lift surgery (mastopexy).
The TUMMY TUCK (abdominaplasty) involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the lower and middle part of the abdomen so as to leave a firmer and tighter abdominal wall.
LIPOSUCTION involves the reshaping of the body through the removal of excess fat deposits in the hips, buttocks, thighs or abdomen. In contrast, LIPOSCULPTURE reshapes the body and face by using the fat removed from one area to finely re-sculpt another area. A further procedure used for both men and women is that of BUTTOCK IMPLANTS, particularly when patients have little excess fat stored on their body. In this case, the changes are immediately noticeable.
There is a range of facial cosmetic surgery treatments in Spain such as NOSE SURGERY (rhinoplasty), EYELID SURGERY (blepharoplasty), EAR SURGERY (otoplasty) and FACELIFT SURGERY.
Finally,a mention is also to be made of various elective FEMALE GENITOPLASTY PROCEDURESwhich can sometimes help to reduce pain or discomfort for women with congenital defects or following injury as well as helping women who feel self-conscious about aspects of their genitalia. These procedures include vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty), labia reduction or augmentation (labiaplasty), pubis lifting, G spot increase and hymen reconstruction.
After a surgical procedure, one can relax and recover by staying in a local spa hotel or with other natural therapies to ensure one feels suitably rejuvenated.

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