Why is Spain the favourite fertility destination in Europe

It is a fact that Spain is nowadays the uncontested leader in fertility treatments in Europe. But, why is this happening? Why are more and more heterosexual and homosexual couples, or single women coming to Spain to get different treatments in order to obtain his desired pregnancy?

There are two main factors that make us fertility leaders in Europe.

First: The Quality of Fertility Treatments

There are many couples that arrive desperate because of the reiterated failures in the treatments done in their countries. When they arrive to Spain they find itself with personalists clinics that accompany them all along the process, giving them all the information and moreover with the last technology in fertility treatments and preimplantation analysis.

This quality translates into pregnancy success rates that are above the ones in other countries. Furthermore, the results are audited by independent enterprises, what ratify that these success rates are real.

Second: The Spanish Legislation of Assisted Reproduction is One of the Most Progressive in Europe

The 14/2006 Law of Assisted Reproduction placed Spain at the front line of European permitting:

• The donation of eggs and sperm is anonymous, altruist and free.

• There is no limit to fertilise oocytes.

• Allows the possibility to make a preimplantation diagnosis in combination with the determination of  histocompatibility antigen for therapeutic purposes. This is advantageous for families with children with illnesses that can be cured with the birth of a healthy and compatible sibling.

Preservation of fertility through oocyte cryopreservation and ovarian tissue with reproductive purposes is permitted. By doing so, the patient can become a mother when she decides.

• Allocate frozen oocytes to investigation is allowed. Thus researchers can investigate new assisted reproduction techniques and continue the discovery of mother cells.

Spanish fertility clinics have an excellent quality, very high success rates and a more permissive legislation than many european countries. For all that, lots of couples and European women choose our clinics for fertility treatments.

Top treatments are in vitro fertilization with egg donation, artificial insemination with donor sperm, preservation of fertility and preimplantation analysis of varied nature.


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