Golf in Spain

Spain is one of the best destinations in the world if you are a golf lover. Throughout the country, you will find a wide range of courses to practice this sport of a high quality. The Spanish stages make it a unique experience to be able to practice this sport with the views of the Mediterranean Sea or with fields in the interior of the country considered as one of the best in Europe.

Do you want to meet them? In this post we teach you everything you need to know about Spain and its offer for lovers of this sport.

Whether your level of play is high or you are starting in the world of golf, do not hesitate to approach Spain, a true paradise for lovers of this sport for a variety of reasons.

Climate and the best connections between the country and Europe

If you decide to come to Spain to enjoy the many qualities of the country you will find fields anywhere in our geography. Urban tracts in the big cities, fields by the sea and others in the area of ​​the interior that will allow you to enjoy the full potential of the country. The offer is in-kind, although this sport has always been positioned as a luxury sport but in Spain the diversity is so great that it allows everyone to enjoy making holes at very competitive prices.

In addition to enjoying the sport, do not miss the chance to get close to the culture of the country, an immense legacy that awaits you in the form of monuments, folklore, food and ancient traditions… Due to the offer, on your trip you can enjoy the the most frenetic cities in the world such as Barcelona or Madrid, from places bathed by luxury like Marbella or Ibiza or enjoy the tranquility in fields with a more rural and relaxing tonality.

Sun and golf in Spain

Spain is known as the country of the sun. A country with warm temperatures and little wind at any time of the year. These conditions allow to have a magnificent visibility. On the other hand, Spain has excellent communications: it is very easy to travel domestically in the country and so you can travel to different fields during your stay.

The offer of courses is great in the country and there are numerous golf courses a few kilometers from international airports. In definitive, everything is easy to pick up the sticks and practice their skill in the holes. If we add to that the appeal that Spain has for food, lifestyle and beaches… You have no excuse to approach and enjoy the country and your favorite sport. We are sure that you will repeat.

Golf and culture everywhere

A paella in Spain

Apart from enjoying all this, if you want to improve your practice or your health, we can help you improve your playing quality, postures and techniques thanks to a qualified staff that accompanies you during your stay. In addition, we have medical experts specialized in helping to improve injuries caused by the practice of this sport.

Do not hesitate, come to Spain from the hand of Medtravelco and enjoy your passion!

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