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Starting a fertility treatment either alone or in a couple often involves physical and emotional ups and downs, and many women find only some comfort in talking to other couples or single women who have been through the same situation. From Medtravelco, we want to help you with this process and for that reason, we will always be at your side from the arrival at the airport until the moment of giving birth to your baby.

From Medtravelco, we want you to feel comfortable from the beginning to talk about this stage of your life with naturalness with your nearest environment. We have the best doctors in the country who will be with you in every moment, helping you and answering all your doubts or fears. If you think that you can have some problem to conceive but you get dizzy everything you read about it and do not know where to start, you can count on the advice of our doctors who will always advise you what is the best for you and your family.

What are the main doubts?

The main doubts we receive revolve around the reproduction treatments. Many times you go to a doctor and tell you one thing, and you go to another and tell you a different one, which generates many doubts and it may be that you do not feel able to make a decision. That’s where the importance of talking to our experts or being part of the welcome pack program.

Thanks to our team and clinics, you can come to know us and expose all your doubts to your doctor to begin your safest reproduction treatment. Our clinics are accustomed to dealing with patients from all over the world so their language and their empathic capacity will make you understand the whole process and the times so that you can get to your dream: to be a mother.

Achieve your dreams of fertility

What evidence is needed to know if a woman or man is fertile?

In the first place, a thorough gynecological assessment should be performed, including both the patient’s clinical history and the gynecological examination itself, which should include cytology, ultrasound with follicular count and general physical examination.

All these tests are performed in clinics chosen by our quality department with the help of our medical team or can be facilitated by the patient because they already have them in their country of origin and are always no more than 6 months old. In diversity and choice is power!

In Spain, in 2014, more than 40,000 children were born through assisted reproduction treatments. And that is booming, so from Medtravelco we struggle to normalize the problems of infertility. Power is what helps you to continue forward, not always the fertility treatments triumph at first but with the support of the doctor and your assistant at Medtravelco guarantee a 100% chance to get pregnant.


If you want to know more about our products and offers take a look at our website or contact us and do not hesitate to ask us everything you need.

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