Fertility treatments for homosexual couples


It is difficult to simplify in a post which are the treatments for a lesbian couple who decide to become mothers, because there is a very important emotional component in all of them.

Generally, we talk of there being three fertility treatments for homosexual couples.

Fertility Treatments for Homosexual Couples


Artificial Insemination (AI)

Some couples choose artificial insemination with semen from a sperm bank donor. This is the most cost-effective treatment and when performed in a professional fertility clinic, the success rate is 26.9% for women under 40.


In Vitro Insemination (IVF)

To increase success rates, it is always better to with an IVF treatment with donor sperm, where eggs are extracted from one of the partners and fertilised in the laboratory, then implanted in the same woman who carried out the egg donation. The IVF success rate has risen to 64.7% for women under 40 and as high as 71.4% for those under 35.

But without a doubt, the method where both are involved is the R.O.P.A. method. This method can be performed in Spain without any legal restrictions and, by going to a sperm bank, always remains anonymous. It’s the one that has the greatest emotional component both women.

Here, they are both involved as follows: one of the women undergoes ovarian stimulation and her eggs are extracted at the proper time. These eggs are fertilised in the laboratory with sperm from an anonymous donor and after five days, when the embryos have reached the blastocyst, in order to be more likely to be implanted properly, they are implanted in the recipient woman. And so, the baby is gestated by one mother while it is genetically from the other mother.
With the R.O.P.A, the feelings of being mothers are undoubtedly shared by both partners, because one gives and the other receives and gestates.

Even in the event that both women suffer from infertility, or are unable to perform the egg donation for any reason, these treatments allow them to be mothers with donated eggs and sperm. This procedure has a pregnancy success rate of 78.3%.

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