Nowadays, there is a current in Spain more and more powerful in relation to the tourism that is known like tourismophobia.

There are several meanings circulating in the network but the one that comes closest, or so we believe, is: «Turismphobia is the fear, aversion or social rejection that the local citizens feel of a destination towards tourists.»

We understand that, in certain cities and parts of the country, mass tourism makes the neighbors of certain localities are somewhat annoyed by the type of tourism that reaches these places but… Why do not we see the advantages and all the virtues which has our country for each year attracting more travelers from all over the world? 

Spain occupies the first position in the world ranking being the country that receives more tourists from all over the world, according to data of the World Economic Forum.

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In the economic context of health tourism, Spain is not far from being among the first in the ranking and all this is thanks to our health system.

Not only do people come to Spain for the climate, food and lifestyle (we are the country of the world with the longest life expectancy, secondly if you are a men), but the patients who come to our country are usually pathologies of certain complexity that require treatments of ophthalmology, oncology, cardiac surgery and gynecology. They are patients with a profile of high purchasing power that choose Spain because they do not find solutions in their countries of origin for these ailments. As for potential European tourists, they tend to be more interested in more specific treatments related to plastic surgery and dentistry.

Thanks to the magnificent infrastructures we have in Spain from flights connecting the world, some of the best hospitals in the world such as Teknon Hospital in Barcelona or HM Monteprincipe in Madrid.

There is a national interest in supporting health tourism because it is a way to attract new quality travelers to the country and to create sustainable tourism. With this new form of travel that is growing more and more due to people’s concern for health and well-being, the brand Spain is being affected in a very positive way not only in terms of tourism but also in the medical prestige from the country.

If you are thinking or need to do any medical treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. We have the collaboration of the best clinics in the country and facilities to make your trip easier.

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