it is a procedure to rejuvenate your neck, you will get correct wrinkles and recover the tone and natural shine of your skin. Tightens muscles and removes loose and flaccid skin.

Lifting cervical

The facial and neck lift is one of the most demanded treatments within the specialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery.


It is difficult to talk about prices in this specialty because each patient is unique and therefore your case is different from any other patient, but we have worked to get the best professionals together with a price commensurate with the quality and safety that we offer the professionals with whom we work.


The doctors with whom we collaborate provide extensive experience, all are members of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), in addition to performing surgery in hospital environments with international quality certifications, and that have an intensive care unit, because this gives us a lot of tranquility.


In addition, surgeons who perform this type of intervention have been surrounded by a group of qualified professionals in different areas such as anesthetists, nurses, operating room assistants.


Surely you have many questions to solve, so we offer you to meet our surgeons and you can have an interview with them and thus be able to give the best solution to your problem.

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