Techniques FUE, FUE Gold, DHI, mustache transplant, eyebrow transplant, ice graft, PRP and mesotherapy

Capillary Implant

In Medtravelco we have been concerned because the clinics with which we collaborate comply with the highest standards of quality, that is why we have traveled to Turkey to see first-hand how they are and what professionals are behind them.


We are experts in organizing trips for medical reasons, both in Spain and abroad, so we offer our knowledge so that the patient feels advised and accompanied at all times.


Faced with the normal doubts that may arise, our team will advise you on all your medical and aesthetic concerns., Before and after the treatment, we will accompany you during the hair transplant process so that there are no questions without answers and once we are finished, we keep in touch.

We have worked to offer hair implant treatments of very good quality and at reasonable prices, but not only in Turkey but also in Spain and France.

That is why we want to tell you each of the destinations so that you are the one to choose where you want to make it.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has always been a specialist in the field of hair transplantation since demand is greater in that eastern region than in Europe. The reason for this is the genetic condition of hair loss in men, which is more common in these regions than in Spain for example. That’s why there are many hospitals and hair transplant specialists in Turkey. From this diversity and many years of experience, it is also possible to work with the best specialists and offer their services for the European region. Our teams have been selected with care and responsibility by us and have many years of experience with excellent hair transplant results, which are due to their excellent medical training. The clinics are also equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and modern technology.

The operation

The hair transplant is done under local anesthesia. The follicles are extracted from the occiput, that is, the donor area and we transplant them in the naked area. The follicles are called grafts. (Grafts) To transplant the grafts in the naked area, it is necessary to make small cuts in the area, where we transplant the grafts.

The hair transplant team in Turkey is the result of a long search process. Over the years we have been dealing with several clinics and doctors and have finally come across the work of the hair transplant specialist Dr. Yasemin Savaş MDMedical Aesthetics and Hair Transplantation and founding member Turkish Medical Aesthetic Association (MESTDER) and the doctor Tayfun OguzogluMDFUE Research Committee & ISHRS Member and his team.

Your success can be attributed to your twenty years of experience

Capillary Implant in Spain

It is now possible to perform a capillary implant in Spain at Turkish prices, and you also save on airline tickets and the extra costs that are always involved in traveling abroad.


We are talking about a team of surgeons with twenty years of experience, who have been trained to perform the FUE and DHI technique in Spain, get a perfect capillary implant without leaving Spain, in addition, it allows you to do a much more personalized follow-up since the doctors are Always at your disposition.


They have a goal and is to provide a professional, close and friendly to get a hair implant that improves your personal image but always maintaining reasonable expectations. And all of the above is achieved without the patient having to pay for a hair implant exorbitant prices, as requested by other clinics in Spain.


It is possible to perform the hair treatment in a comfortable environment, because they have ergonomic stretchers, wifi, television … so that the hours of the intervention the client feels as comfortable as possible, and all without leaving our borders.





✓ FUE hair transplant procedure with a maximum of 5000 grafts

✓Consultations and analysis of hair before and after hair transplantation

✓ All blood tests before the procedure

✓ Treatment with PRP (plasma rich in platelets)

✓2 nights accommodation in a 4-star hotel (breakfast and WIFI included).

✓ Transfers from the airport, the clinic and the hotel (the flight is not included)

✓ Certificate

✓ Interpreter services

✓ Medications (analgesics, antibiotics, edema reliever), cotton pillow and a hat

✓ 3 Hotel nights


✘ Flights





✓ Visits with doctors before and after treatment

✓ Surgery with doctors of up to 5000 grafts or grafts

✓Anesthesia and sedation in case the patient requests it

✓ Review visits at six months and a year, except incidents where you can visit the doctor more times.


✘ Medication (analgesics, antibiotics, edema reliever)

✘Treatment with PRP

Techniques used


The hair transplant with the FUE technique is the most requested and modern hair transplant because it does not leave visible scars. The FUE technique is distinguished from the oldest techniques and is characterized by the very natural result that can be obtained. In the FUE technique, the grafts are extracted through a micromotor, which consists of a hollow needle. Thanks to the micromotor, the extraction of the grafts can be done very accurately and safely. After the extraction, the small cuts are made, in which the grafts are implanted. The realization of the cuts, is the most important process to obtain a natural and perfect result.


The FUE GOLD technique differs from the other techniques at an important point. While in the FUE technique the micromotor consists of a titanium hollow needle, in the FUE GOLD technique the micromotor consists of gold and is more polished and skinny. The advantage of this procedure is that the removal of the grafts is done more carefully and the healing process is faster. In addition, the hollow needle is changed after each use, ie it is used only once.


As a result of this special technique of DHI grafts, no scars are left on the scalp, which also reduces the risk of infection. A result totally free of scars is obtained because the grafts are extracted with a very fine and special micro perforation, and they are transplanted directly into the bald areas without a cut in the scalp. In the time that passes between the extraction of the grafts and the transplantation of them, the grafts are stored in an ICE – Graft solution. In this solution grafts are not cut or edited. The special solution ensures the duration of life and a successful growth of transplanted hair. As in the DHI technique you can only transplant up to 2000 grafts, the technique is suitable for thickening the hair or for filling naked areas. In addition, there is a factor that distinguishes it from the other techniques and that is especially important for women: In the DHI technique, it is sufficient to only shave the area where we extract the hair and not all the hair. That is why the hair transplant performed is not visible in the healing process and, increasingly, it is the preferred technique for both men and women.

Mustache and beard transplant

For many men, an uneven beard, bald or even the lack of growth of beard, can cause discomfort and more when today it is possible to solve it. In a transplant of beard, the grafts are extracted from the back of the head with a micromotor. But before extraction, it is important to shorten the hair to 3 mm. The extraction with a micromotor guarantees a safe and precise intake. After the extraction of the necessary grafts, the cut and the adjustment of the channels in the area of the beard is carried out, in which the grafts are transplanted. The realization of the cuts with a special needle is the most important process for a natural and perfect result.

Eyebrown transplantation

Beautiful and expressive eyebrows were in all cultures the idea of the beauty of the people. Often, women suffer from thin or shapeless eyebrows. Make up eyebrows every day seems unnatural and annoying. Also visually the result is generally not satisfactory. In addition, the problem of almost invisible eyebrows affects people with fair skin. Many times people suffer from the lack of growth of the eyebrows. In these cases, an eyebrow transplant can be the solution to give the face a pleasant frame. In an eyebrow transplant, the grafts are removed from the back of the head with a micromotor. But before extraction, it is important to shorten the hair to 3 mm. The extraction with a micromotor guarantees a safe and precise intake. After the extraction of the necessary grafts, the cut and the adjustment of the channels in the area of the eyebrow is made, in which the grafts are transplanted. The realization of the cuts with a special needle is the most important process for a natural and perfect result.

Ice Graft

The Ice Graft method is a method used in the FUE technique for the longevity and conservation of extracted grafts. The extracted grafts are placed in a cold solution that protects the cells, thus achieving the desired result of hair transplantation and maintaining as many live and vital grafts as possible.


PRP consists of the introduction of plasma with growth factors that are released by the patient’s own platelets through microinjections in the scalp in a practically painless way. Its application stimulates the formation of collagen and increases vascularization at the level of the hair follicle. It is indicated to stop hair loss and promote regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss. It is introduced both at the level of the donor area to improve healing, and in the receiving area to create a suitable field for the growth of new grafts as well as to protect existing hair in those areas.


Mesotherapy is performed in the same way as in the treatment of PRP and is applied to combat hair loss, and also immediately after hair transplantation, with the only difference that the patient’s own platelets are not injected into the scalp, but a nutritious vitamin solution. Many patients feel the benefits immediately after the application of the microinjections, some notice more after 24 hours. The improvement may last for weeks or months before another treatment session is necessary. For a successful result we recommend our patients 8-10 treatments. As in the treatment of PRP mesotherapy is suitable for facelifts.

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