POSE Endoscopy surgery

9.500 euros
Pose Endoscopy surgery

Pose Endoscopy Surgery, according to the information you have
Provided. Remember that the diagnosis is confirmed as soon as the doctor has all your medical history and information.
The treatment includes:
Preoperative study (Analytics and electrocardiogram).
Anesthetist consultation.
Surgery with hospitalization (at least one day if no complications were detected) with medication pre- and postoperative surgical prophylaxis, anesthesia.
Surgical consumables during surgery.
Theater reservation, instruments and monitoring during the operation.
Surgeon endoscopy surgery, assistant, anesthetist and surgical scrub technician cost.
Postoperative treatment includes:
– Follow the doctor up to 6 months after surgery (if not possible by Skype or email).
– Nutrition and nutritional recommendations are provided.
– Body treatment for weight loss and reaffirmation (if you decide to stay one week after surgery).
Estimated offer for handling 9,500 EUR
The price of the treatment is 9,500 EUR. Prices in EUR are fixed. The price in other currencies may vary
Dependent exchange rates.
The price is a corresponding offer of the handling fee and it is possible that there are usually variations
Regarding the material used or the duration of the stay. This offer does not concern the treatment of possible complications that occur in medical intervention.
In addition, we can help you book a return transfer to the airport and hotel accommodation. If you are interested, give us the details and we can ask you for a price.

This offer is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue. It is the responsibility of the patient to request a new offer after 6 months.
The total amount of the procedure must be prepaid for hospitalization and treatment.

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