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This post that we present to you today is very important for us and makes us feel very proud of our whole team. Today we are not going to talk about treatments or health benefits, which is what this blog was created for. Today we want to present a new service that extends Medtravelco's offer to provide a 360 service to our patients and clients.

That is why we have created Medtravelcoevents, a new line of business based in the same sector of the health tourism sector but more focused on companies that want to attract patients from all over the world to their clinics in Spain.

How can Medtravelcoevents can help you?

From Medtravelco, we have been organizing healthy journeys both in private and public companies and helping clinics to improve their quality processes for the foreign patient, but now we go a step further and within the umbrella of the Medtravelco family we present an offer of products that will be the most complete in Spain.

What is a company? Its workers. That is why we believe that the most important thing is to take care of them and be attentive to their needs. With Medtravelcoevents you can create healthy days for your company and teach healthier living habits for all your workers. With this you will help to improve the performance of the equipment and the confidence of the same.

We have the best specialists to implement the necessary specialties, organizations of the size of the United Nations endorsing us, being the official organizer of the World Health Day at its headquarters in Spain, Valencia.

Health day

Now from Medtravelcoevents, we will help you to improve your patients' experience in your clinic or consult with our audit service. If you need help to improve your services and adapt them to foreign patients or you need to be more present on the Internet or want to create a digital marketing campaign to improve the performance of your clinic, our consulting and training department will tailor a program tailored to your needs. Your needs that will help you improve and attract more patients from all over the world.

In order to give your customers the treatment and service they expect, the first thing you need is to have a trained and updated team. Training is the success of businesses by more than 70% and customers and the industry do not stop evolving, especially when we speak of foreign patients, which have a very high level of demand. If you need help to understand and anticipate your customers' needs or to improve their quality processes, we have our company training department to help you create a team that is trained and competent to the market.

Medtravelcoevents services

Discover Medtravelcoevents here.

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