The last 7th April was the world healt day. The topic for this year was the drepession and our CEO Inma Meco was the official organizer of the event at the united nations in Spain based in Valencia.
MEDTRAVELCO, your medical travel agency has a part of healthy events.
“We organize healthy events to improve the engagement between workers and the company” Inma Meco (CEO).
“If you take care of your staff makes the difference and let learn your staff advices about their health makes you a better company”

This base of the united nations is a base of logistical support to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. The event was organized for the workers of the base and took place the last friday with different doctors of different medical specialties.
The topic for this year was the depression. The intention of the event was to raise awareness of this illness and what can we do to feel better at work and in our lives to evit this psicology trastorn. The focus of the day was united by two specialities: Nutrition and Psicology. There are several studies about what we eat can affect to our mood.
“There are some foods, both the way we eat that are directly related to our animal state.” Dr. Francisco Javier Broton.
The expert about this topic, the Dr. Francisco Javier Brotons who gave to the workers some advices to feel better and have a healthy habits in terms of foods.
“If you have a close schedule when you eat and where you eat, your brain will be grateful because it is recognize as a relax moment”
He also talks about some aliments that are good to despite the depression as citrics. This aliments are rich in C vitamine and they reduce levels of vanadium, a mineral that has been found guilty of bipolar depression. Garlic, onion, cashews, oats, cabbage, squash, chestnuts and citrus in general, tomatoes, figs, mango, beans and animal foods such as fish, chicken and turkey, Contain tryptophan, a natural relaxing serotonin precursor.
Also Dr. Beatriz Colorado, CEO of Bconcept, was attending to the event helping staff todevelop tailored nutrition plans.
During the event was a demostration of low calorie/temperature cooking by Te cocino. We all discover the benefits of this type og cooking. With this type of cooking you can maintain all the nutrients of food. Cooking this way, molecules of food are less affected and that is why the nutrients are preserved.
It was a pride to be part of this event and to be part of the work of united nations.

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