Welcome to MEDTRAVELCO, our online resource that helps you schedule medical treatments in Spain. I’m Inma Meco, the founder of MEDTRAVELCO and this is my first post. Every Frayday, I will bring you news, information, or advice on how to arrange the medical treatment you need at trusted private hospitals in Spain.
What is Medical Tourism?
Medical tourism is the process of leaving home to receive treatment or medical care in another country or region. The concept is not new. However, the advent of new technologies such as the internet that make it easier to plan travel and treatments, and the existence of economic, legal, or logistical differences in public health care systems now motivate larger numbers of people to source healthcare abroad. And, Spain is a leading destination for medical tourists from the Benelux region, France, Germany, Italy, the Nordic countries, Russia,United Kingdom and the USA, among others.
Whatever your motivation – access to better quality or affordable care, specialist treatments or shorter waiting times – medical treatment abroad should be easy to find and the logistics should be easy to manage.
How can MEDTRAVELCO help?
MEDTRAVELCO is the easiest way to schedule medical travel and treatments in Spain.
At MEDTRAVELCO we offer personalized assistance to:
• Simplify your search.
• Connect with medical professionals.
• Find local services to meet your needs.
While the Internet can help connect you with healthcare services abroad it cannot replace the human touch. We help you arrange the medical treatment you need at trusted private hospitals and clinics in Spain.
And, with MEDTRAVELCO CARE we provide you with a friendly local contact in the Region of Valencia to help you feel at home and support you throughout your stay.
At MEDTRAVELCO we care for you.
Finally, an easy way to schedule your medical travel and treatments in Spain!
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