Choosing the right hospital or clinic for medical treatment abroad is not only about the cost of treatment. The quality and safety of healthcare must be a priority. It is important to do some research on the options available. But the key to making the right choice is to establish trust and confidence in the people who will care for you. This is where MEDTRAVELCO can help – to simplify your search for healthcare in Spain, to put you in contact with the doctors of your choice, and to support you throughout your stay in Spain.
Quality First
MEDTRAVELCO only includes hospitals and clinics that provide top quality care, employ qualified and experienced health professionals, and offer state of the art equipment and facilities. Our online search simplifies your research and helps you compare options. You can browse through a visual profile for each centre and we provide a description so you understand what the facilities are like. We also provide a detailed description of the professional experience for each doctor and his team.
Communication is Key
But there are other factors that you should consider too, some of them subjective that will determine the quality of the relationship you build with the medical personnel you select, for example:
– Do the medical personnel speak a language that you can communicate in?
Your knowledge of Spanish may be sufficient but it is comforting to be able to discuss your treatment options in your own language.
To make an informed decision on any intervention you will need to trigger a conversation with the doctor who will treat you. Most doctors and dentists speak English. Many offer care in a range of languages. A growing number of private hospitals and clinics have an international department providing assistance with interpretation and other needs. Selecting the right treatment centre is much easier when you can communicate effectively with the people who will treat you.
Perceptions Matter
– Are the medical staff and health care personnel proud of the work they do and they centre they work at?
This is subjective but in your initial pre-consultation conversations it is important to note the enthusiasm, attention to detail, and interest shown by the medical personnel that you are in contact with. Always ask for a pre-travel consultation and ensure that you get to speak with the doctor who will be treating you.
Once you agree a treatment and travel dates with a hospital or clinic listed with MEDTRAVELCO, they will give you the option to arrange your travel and logistics through MEDTRVELCO.

At MEDTRAVELCO we care for you.
Get useful tips and valuable insights on medical travel and treatments in Spain!

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