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The ‘IMED Hospitales’ group is located on the eastern coast of Spain currently in the province of  Valencia, and Benidorm, on the Costa Blanca with  first class medical and professional team.
The group was formed in 2004 with the inauguration of the first hospital IMED Levante in Benidorm, and a few month they opened a new and modern hospital in Valencia city.
The success of the first hospital soon led the way to the group`s expansion and offering medical services in other areas of the region. The IMED Teulada polyclinic followed in 2009, IMED Elche hospital in 2011 and the IMED Torrevieja polyclinic in 2015

In Imed group currently has more than 600 staff members and more than 200 medical personnel.

The philosophy´s IMED  is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Personalized multidisciplinary healthcare and the highest quality standards.
  • The firm commitment to build hospitals with the best facilities and cutting-edge medical technology..

You can discover in IMED Hospitals in Valencia:

  •  advance the technology systems, also provide patients with access to their medical records from anywhere in the world, free of charge, available 24 hours a day.
  • Free wifi access throughout the hospital and access to an electronic tablet for patients.
  • There is a multilingual team of patient assistants that can attend to our patients in their language. English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic.

The incorporation of modern technology and resources, alongside professional healthcare staff, ensures the Hospital offers comprehensive and efficient service.

They hospitals are located in an ideal destination with easy access to combine a treatment with a holiday.

They have the last technology and one of the best Cosmetic and Traumatology doctors in Spain.
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POSE Method is a new technique which allows to carry out stomach reduction through the mouth without making incisions. It is a procedure without scars or discomfort, which allows immediate recuperation and visible results from week 4.

The POSE method (primary endoluminal obesity surgery) is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure that reduces the size and the capacity of the stomach. The patient feels a minor hunger sensation, meaning they then consume the minimum amount of food before feeling full. Through a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, the weight loss will be progressive and permanent.

The POSE method is especially designed for overweight people, not including morbidly obese cases, and people that can’t seem to achieve weight loss through just diet and exercise.

People that are overweight or obese type 1 and 2 (BMI between 27-40)
People that have illnesses due to being overweight: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or muscular pain.
People that have tried to lose weight through exercise and a good diet and haven’t succeeded.
People that have had a gastric band and have now recuperated the weight they had lost.
IMED Hospitals Group in Spain has a prestigious specialized obesity unit with surgeons, endoscopists, psychologists, nutritionists, anesthetists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons. They will guide and advise you about which would be the best procedure to treat your obesity problem.

What is included?
Hospital stay
Preoperative examination
Operating room, surgeon and anesthesia
Nursing services
Final consultation with the surgeon before returning home

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Doctors Offering this Treatment

  • Dr. Juan Antonio Casellas

    Dr. Juan Antonio Casellas

    Obesity Surgery


In vitro fertilization (IVF) with your own eggs and partner’s semen is a technique in which oocytes are fertilized by partner’s sperm in the laboratory.

In a normal menstrual cycle only one egg is produced each month. In a IVF cycle it is preferable to obtain more than one egg, using hormones to stimulate the ovaries into producing several eggs at once. The cycle is monitored using tests and scans until follicles reach the correct number and size. At this point, oocyte maturation is induced and eggs are removed by follicular puncture under sedation.

Once the eggs have been removed, they are placed in a culture dish while partner’s sperm is being prepared by andrology laboratory. Insemination of oocytes is performed by ICSI (microinjection of a sperm into each mature egg), a technique where a sperm is injected directly into each egg.

Next 2 or 3 days, fertilised eggs are observed until they are ready to be transferred to the uterus. On the day of the transfer, the best quality embryos are selected. Spanish law permits to transfer up to 3 embryos, but normally are transferred 2 embryos. They are placed in a thin catheter and the gynecologists inserts the eggs deep inside the uterus of the mother.

IVF is recommended if fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked, making it impossible to achieve a pregnancy. It is also recommended if several unsuccessful attempts have been made using Artificial Insemination.

What is included?
Medical consultation with a specialist in reproductive medicine (Via phone/Skype or in person)
Review of reports related to previous fertility treatments
Complete gynecological check-up (including vaginal ultrasound)
Formulation of patient’s medical history and personalized medical report
Explanation of the assisted reproductive treatment procedurePerformance of analytical and ultrasound scans during patient’s treatment
Transvaginal oocyte retrieval under ultrasound guidance into operating theatre
Assistance with problems of andrological and/or embryological nature
Sperm sample preparation
Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and assisted hatching (if required)
Daily checks of embryonic development
Extend in vitro culture to day 5 and blastocyst transfer (if required)
Endometrial preparation
Embryo transfer into patient’s uterine cavity
Recovery a separate room after the embryo transfer procedure
Gynecologist consultation
Biology specialist and anesthesiologist consultation
Pharmaceutical materials
Multilingual nursing services

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Doctors Offering this Treatment

  • Dr. Antonio Moya

    Dr. Antonio Moya

    Gynaecology and Obstetrics

  • Dr. Eva María Moreno Ruiz

    Dr. Eva María Moreno Ruiz

    Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Reproductive medicine

  • Dr. José Manuel Gómez Santana

    Dr. José Manuel Gómez Santana

    Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Our Orthopaedic department has 9 orthopaedic surgeons with very impressive curriculum vitae. We perform in daily basis orthopaedic surgical procedures, mostly hip and knee prosthetic replacement, shoulder prosthesis and arthroscopy procedures of the knee, hip and shoulder and small joint arthroscopy. We also cover care for trauma cases from the area. Last year our orthopaedic team performed in excess of 1700 operations and more than 25.000 patients seen at the out patients department and 2200 inpatients with a mean stay of 3.2 days/patient
We focus on the patient the whole of our activity, and for us, sharing of the decision process and the perceived quality of our care is crucial to evaluate our performance. Following those principles we have recently implemented a policy of Patient Reported Outcome Monitoring and Patient Reported Experience measuring together with a program of enhanced recovery.

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Doctors Offering this Treatment

  • Dr. Néstor Zurita Uroz

    Dr. Néstor Zurita Uroz


  • Dr. Antonio Antón Lledó

    Dr. Antonio Antón Lledó


  • Dr. Julio Hartinger Remolina

    Dr. Julio Hartinger Remolina


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Quality & Accreditation

Quality & Accreditation
Quality & Accreditation


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