Do I really need a medical travel facilitator 2016-06-06

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All travel has a large emotional component, even more so when the purpose is for medical treatment. A medical facilitator simplifies this process by coordinating contact with the clinic and arranging travel logistics including accommodation, airport pickup and local transportation, medical translation and interpretation, as well as providing tourism options.
Here are 4 key benefits of using a medical travel facilitator to plan treatment in Spain:
1. Communication: Most doctors and dentists speak English but having a local contact helps overcome day-to-day language problems and misunderstandings that may arise when booking local transport, accommodation etc., and helps take the stress out of medical travel for the patient and his/her family.
2. Local Information: A medical travel facilitator provides access to local information and cultural nuances that the medical tourist would not have access to, enabling them to make a fully informed decision about their choice of medical care.
3. Personal Contact: Reputable medical facilitators will have personal contact with the hospitals and doctors that they work with and should be able to answer general questions on the facilities and help obtain information on non-medical questions such as sourcing patient reviews etc.
4. Logistics: Medical travel facilitators take the stress out of medical travel by pre arranging additional services such as airport pickup, ground transport, booking accommodation or by providing an on the ground contact to reserve tourist guides, restaurants, laundry services etc
MEDTRAVELCO simplifies your search for quality healthcare in Spain. While we do not make recommendations or give medical advice, we know that it is important to have a local contact. To answer questions. And provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision about your medical care.

Finally, an easy way to schedule your medical travel and treatments in Spain!

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