In the current economic climate the number of tourists travelling aboard for necessary or cosmetic dental treatment is growing substantially. Increasingly, Spain is a key destination. A number of factors have put Spain on the dental treatment map:
1. The cost of a visit to the dentist is substantially cheaper in Spain when compared to the prices charged in northern European countries.
2. Numerous flight connections between Spain and other European countries facilitate travel.
3. Online access to information on clinics and dental treatment offers mean that an increasing number of visitors can plan in advance to combine travel to Spain with access to quality, affordable, dental care.
There are other reasons too why a trip to Spain for routine or more complicated procedures is the perfect solution to achieve that winning smile!
Quality Dental Care
By and large, dental treatment (except emergency treatment) is not covered by the public health care system in Spain. This means that both residents and tourists must pay for treatment unless, of course, they have a valid insurance. As a consequence there are numerous private clinics to choose from. In fact, over 90% of dentists work in private practice. And, because of the competition, many of these clinics serve both national and international patients which means that personalized dental care in now available in a range of languages including English, French, Italian and Russian, to name a few.
More importantly, all dentists in Spain are subject to strict requirements that help ensure the quality of care:
1. To practice, dentists must be registered with the Spanish Dental Association (Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos) and, their regional Association.
2. To register, a dentist must have obtained a degree in dentistry from an officially recognised University in Spain or Europe.
Dental clinics in Spain must comply with legal requirements relating to sterilisation, prevention of infection, radiological protection, and building regulations relating to the provision of patient facilities including waiting rooms and toilet facilities, as well as fire precaution, emergency lighting, and insurance. In practice, the majority of dentist practices combine ultra modern, state of the art facilities and the most advanced technology and procedures with personalized treatments that put patient health and safety first and foremost.
Whether you are looking to achieve a Hollywood smile or complete necessary restorative dental care, Spain offers the perfect solution to access quality and affordable treatments that will help you create a healthy winning smile.
At MEDTRAVELCO we care for you.
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