Dentistry in Spain

Do you need dental care in Spain? If you do, Medtravelco can help you find the best dentists in Spain and can also help with making all the travel arrangements for your stay during your treatment.

The dental clinics in Spain that we work with meet the standard quality benchmarks and offer most procedures at very competitive rates. Dentists in Spain have the specialist skills to undertake the most complex dental care treatments.

English is spoken in all of the clinics we work with and, before treatment commences, you will be provided with a cost estimate once your requirements have been assessed.

Our dental clinics use 3G technology to insert implants without surgery on the gum thus improving post-operative recovery. Additionally, all patients attending our dental clinics in Spain can have conscious sedation which allows them to be fully awake and relaxed during their dental treatment.

The most successful type of treatment, due to their quality and speed, are the ALL ON 4 DENTAL IMPLANTS with which you can achieve a brand new smile after one session!

The clinics are specialists in titanium implants. If patients are allergic to metal, however, they can opt for zirconium. In some of the more complex cases, where there has been significant bone loss in the upper jaw, a zygomatic implant may be required.

The latest developments in COSMETIC DENTISTRY are also available. These include treatments like Express Tooth Whitening, with which current tooth colour can be lightened by up to four tones, as well as Digital Smile Design (DSD) which caters for the most demanding patient requirements. DSD enables the dentist to know the exact size, proportion and thickness of each tooth corresponding to each patient’s personal profile, age, way of smiling and expectations. With the aid of a virtual simulator, it is possible to visualize the impact of a proposed cosmetic treatment on the patient’s mouth and therefore improve both the planning and the final result according to the patient’s precise requirements.

We are confident that we can find a dental care clinic in spain which best suits your needs along with the reassurance of having a detailed cost estimate before treatment begins. Contact us and tell us your requirements, we will be delighted to help you.


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